WWE fans are quite familiar with the Intercontinental Champion The Miz by now. The former reality star managed to find his way onto the main roster and worked hard enough at his craft to the point where he's been rewarded with multiple title reigns during his career. It appears he's now transitioning back to the place where his career really started. The Miz will be hosting a brand new reality television show starting in November. Here are the latest details on what it is, and how to watch Miz in action.

What's the deal?

MTV reported recently that Mike "The Miz" Mizanin will be hosting their brand new reality competition series.

The upcoming show is part of the MTV "Challenge" shows in which former reality stars from MTV compete for cash and prizes in grueling challenges. These range from things like eating unthinkable foods to jumping across to platforms that are 50 feet above the water.

The latest edition of this challenge show will take a new spin as it will feature champion competitors from different seasons of MTV's "Challenge" series. They'll be up against completely new competitors who come from various celebrity paths. The show is called "Champs vs. Stars" and will feature celebrities such as hip-hop star Riff Raff, former NFL star Terrell Owens, Romeo Miller, and Olympian Shawn Johnson. Each of the celebs will be playing for special charities and each challenge will result in one player receiving money for their charity.

The grand prize will be a share of $150,000 to donate to the charities.

Among the MTV reality star champions on the show will be Johnny "Bananas," Wes, Zach, CT, Aneesa, Emily, and Jenna. Many of these competitors have won eliminations and challenge shows before making it an interesting combo of reality stars against real-life athletes or just regular celebrities who may have no athleticism whatsoever.

What about The Miz?

WWE's The Miz will serve as the host of the "Champs vs. Stars" show which begins airing on MTV in November. Miz is no stranger to these shows as he originally got his start on "Real World 10" in New York. During that season of the reality series, he often talked about his aspirations of joining the world of professional wrestling one day and even cut promos as "The Miz" while on episodes.

He would eventually compete on some of the challenge seasons for MTV and even was a part of WWE's "Tough Enough." While The Miz didn't win the WWE's competition series to earn a spot on the roster, he managed to impress enough to get one. It seemed as if he might be headed for a "future endeavors" based on his early work, but Miz kept on improving in terms of his vicious heel promos and even in-ring. Now he's considered one of the best in the business, at least at "being a heel." That said, it should be interesting to see if The Miz engages in any trash talk with any of the competitors on the upcoming show next month.