The Dolphins will meet The Falcons this weekend, and the Falcons can get their season back on track after losing tot he Bills in their week four game. They got a week off, and now they come back to play a Dolphins team that just does not look. Jay Cutler is good enough, but the offense around him is terrible. You cannot really blame him because Ryan Tannehill would have looked just as bad. What is the problem with the Dolphins? How can the Falcons defense make a statement?

The Dolphins offense is off kilter

The Dolphins offense has been off kilter all year because they lost their mojo when they lost Ryan Tannehill in the preseason.

They planned to go into the season with him, and now they do not have the quarterback they thought they should have. Adam Gase has not been able to fix the offense because it might not work at all unless they have someone who is younger and better. Maybe they need to have someone like Kirk Cousins to run their offense? These are the kinds of things that the team can figure out in the interim because they need to have something that is going to help them make sure that they are going to have the best results overall.

Should Miami give up?

Miami might want to give up on this season so that they can get a better draft pick and move on with their lives. They only spent $10 million on Jay Cutler, and they can go out and get someone who will cheaper and better for their offense overall.

This means that the people who are going to be betting on the Dolphins to improve next year have to hope that they are terrible going forward. This is where the Falcons come in.

The Falcons defense

The Falcons defense is much better than it was last year, but they are not so good that they are leading the league in any category.

However, they can get some huge confidence from this game if they put up many stops on the Dolphins on Sunday. They need to make sure that they keep up their intensity because it is their defense that will help them get through the playoffs. They have to have something that is going to help them maintain their leads at the ends of games, and the defense might have to step up.

Should the Falcons win?

The Falcons should win this game only because they have superior talent. They might not have a gameplan that will kill the Dolphins, but they have more talent and better depth. They need to show all of that off because it will help them make sure that they are going to have more chances to be successful at the end of the season.