Cleveland Cavaliers have improved their roster over the summer as they added a few valuable players through free agency and trades. Despite losing Kyrie Irving early in the offseason, the reigning Eastern Conference champions bounced back and rebuilt the team. Even though they now have a great starting lineup and a deep bench, the Cavaliers could always use some more help.

One player that could help the Cleveland Cavaliers win another championship is Eric Bledsoe. The combo guard is currently playing his fifth season with the Phoenix Suns, but the team will most likely trade him very soon.

Bledsoe is a great player and he is only 27, so there is no doubt that Cleveland would benefit from his presence. After all, the Suns may not ask for too much in return, which means the Cavaliers could get him for cheap.

Eric Bledsoe to Cleveland

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Phoenix Suns are trying to trade Eric Bledsoe for a young talented player. However, his trade value isn't high, which makes it hard to find a trade partner. While Phoenix could do great with another young player, they will most likely have to give in on their high demands, and this is where the Cavaliers could step in.

The truth is that the Cavaliers do not have many valuable trade assets, but their 2018 first-round pick would definitely be interesting to the Suns.

The Cavs could send Iman Shumpert and the draft pick to the Suns for Bledsoe, but it is very unlikely that they would let their draft pick go just like that. It is obvious that Bledsoe wants to leave and Phoenix wants him out, so the Cavaliers could add either Channing Frye or Ante Zizic to the deal.

If the Cavaliers figure out the way to acquire Eric Bledsoe without giving up their first-round pick, they could easily become favorites to win a championship next year.

In addition, Bledsoe's contract expires in 2019 and he will be paid only $15 million next season. Not a bad deal!

Bledsoe's eventual role

Eric Bledsoe has averaged 18.8 points, 4.8 rebounds and 6.0 assists with the Phoenix Suns. He is a versatile scorer and can play well on both ends of the floor. However, it is questionable if he would be a starter in Cleveland.

Considering that Isaiah Thomas is out and won't return until February next year, the Cavaliers could use Bledsoe as their starting point guard. However, once Thomas returns, he would most likely be benched. While the Cavaliers could use him as a shooting guard, they would be undersized and would have trouble matching up against opposing guards.