Dwyane Wade signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers last week and he has gone through a few workouts with the team. The shooting guard also participated in the annual scrimmage game on Monday night, which was his first game as a member of the Cavaliers. There is no doubt that Wade brings a lot to the table, but in order to make room for him, Cleveland will have to waive one of their players.

There have been a lot of rumors regarding the Cavaliers and their decision on waiving a player. While the team has many star players and a lot of them are simply irreplaceable, there are a few players who bring almost no value to the team, and they are in danger of getting cut before the regular season starts.

The latest report suggests that it could be Richard Jefferson who will be waived by the reigning Eastern Conference champions.

The report

Sam Amico of Amico Hoops reported that Richard Jefferson could be the player who will lose his spot to make room for Wade. “Veteran forward Richard Jefferson could be the odd man out when the Cleveland Cavaliers decide to cut one of their guaranteed contracts, several league sources told Amico Hoops,” he reported.

It seems that the Cavaliers have tried to trade Jefferson to another team in order to get a free spot for their latest addition. However, they couldn't find a trade partner, so they will most likely just release him.

Jefferson and the Cavaliers

Richard Jefferson was signed to a one-year contract by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015.

After one year in Cleveland, the forward averaged 5.5 points per game, and even though he appeared in 74 games, Jefferson was mostly used as a backup, averaging 17.9 minutes per game.

After his contract expired, the Cavaliers decided to give him another one. This time, it was a three-year deal worth $7.6 million. Once again, the forward had a limited role on the team, playing 20.4 minutes on average and scoring 5.7 points per game.

He was paid $2.5 million in the first year of the contract, and if he stays on the team, he will be paid $2.5 million next season as well.

It is important to note that the Cavaliers have to waive a player who has a guaranteed contract. Richard Jefferson's salary is guaranteed for the next season, but it will be non-guaranteed in 2018. However, the veteran forward made it clear that he wants to retire soon, and this will most likely be his last season in the NBA. If the Cavaliers decide to cut him, he may retire shortly after.