Dwyane Wade reunited with LeBron James last week as he accepted a one-year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. During their time together in Miami, Wade and James were one of the most entertaining duos to watch in the league. Not only were they entertaining, but they were also very successful as they won two championships and made the NBA Finals four straight times.

After he reached a buyout agreement with the Chicago Bulls, Wade had plenty of teams to choose from. Beside the Cavaliers, the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs were interested in his services.

The shooting guard was also recruited by Carmelo Anthony in an attempt to get him to sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The biggest reason why Wade chose the Cavaliers over the other teams was LeBron James. Their friendship played a big role in Wade's decision, but there is another reason as well. Apparently, the Cavaliers told Wade he would start if he signs with them. However, that may not be the case.

Dwyane Wade's role in Cleveland

Dwyane Wade is a three-time NBA champion and one of the best shooting guards to ever play in the league. He was brought to Cleveland for a reason and the Cavaliers will definitely benefit from his presence. The veteran guard is expected to help Cleveland beat the Golden State Warriors and win another championship.

However, he might be forced to help the team off the bench. David Aldridge of TNT tweeted that Dwyane Wade will most likely be a backup shooting guard and J.R. Smith will be a starter.

With Wade on the bench, the Cavaliers would have Derrick Rose, Smith, LeBron James, Jae Crowder and Kevin Love in the starting lineup.

This lineup would provide maximum spacing and the Cavaliers would most likely use it until Isaiah Thomas comes back.

On the other side, Dwyane Wade would lead the second unit. Beside him, Tristan Thompson would be a backup center while Iman Shumpert and Kyle Korver would be backup wings. Cleveland's depth chart is not yet clear, but there's a good chance that Jeff Green will be in the second unit as well.

Kevin Love or Tristan Thompson

J.R. Smith and Dwyane Wade are not the only players on the Cavaliers who are fighting for a starting spot. Tristan Thompson, who was the Cavaliers' starting center for the past few years, will most likely be replaced by Kevin Love.

Moving Thompson to the bench would allow Cleveland to use both LeBron James and Jae Crowder in the starting lineup, which would give them more spacing and athleticism. Considering that Love is a great rebounder, he will probably play well as a center.