Many are excited to see what the 19-year old rookie, Lonzo Ball, can do for his debut game in Los Angeles Lakers but it turned out to be a total flop. Lonzo Ball's father, LaVar Ball, hyped up the NBA fans when he said “I bet you Stephen Curry won’t go over there and try to guard him. Guaranteed. You’ll see,” via ESPN First Take. After that, Patrick Beverley of the Clippers posted a tweet on his official Twitter account stating that he will guard Lonzo in the first game of the 2017-18 NBA season opener.

Patrick Beverley just made Lonzo’s life a misery during the game against the Clippers, forcing him into a mistake with a turnover just a few minutes into the game.

Lonzo started out with all the nerves and mistakes in the game. All throughout the game, Lonzo was struggling to make a basket as Beverley was just around him. He finished the game with only three points, four assists, and nine rebounds shooting 16 percent from the field in his 29 minutes game time. Meanwhile, Beverley scored 10 points for the Clippers with three rebounds and two steals.

LA Lakers disappointing loss to LA Clippers

The Los Angeles Lakers failed to outscore the LA Clippers with a final score of 108-92 in the NBA season opening game. Many were excited as to what the Lakers can do in this season, but the purple and gold started the NBA season bad with their disappointing loss to the LA Clippers.

The Lakers looked exactly like the young, inexperienced team they are.

The LA Lakers biggest lead in the game was only two points but it didn’t stay for too long as the Clippers comfortably took the lead to 20 points in the fourth quarter. The Lakers averaged 40.7 percent shooting from the field, 25 percent from three-point shooting, with 20 turnovers and 60 rebounds.

The highest scorer for the Lakers was Brook Lopez who scored 20 points with six rebounds, two assists, and a steal. Jordan Clarkson from the bench scored 18 points with two rebounds, two assists, and two steals.

LA Clippers game stats

The LA Clippers off to a good start in the 2017-18 NBA season as they beat out the Lakers in the opening game.

Blake Griffin was unstoppable as he scored 29 high points for his team with 12 rebounds, three assists, and two steals. He averaged 52 percent shooting from the field and 50 percent shooting from the three-point line in his 34 minutes game time. DeAndre Jordan added 14 points to their winning score with 24 rebounds. The team averaged 39.3 percent shooting from the field, 36.4 percent in three-point shooting with a total of 15 turnovers and 69 rebounds.