Lonzo Ball is a Los Angeles Lakers. The 2017 Nba Draft gave us some surprises, like the Boston Celtics picking Jayson Tatum with the third pick or the trade that took Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves, but one selection that everyone was waiting on was that of the Lakers with the second pick. LaVar Ball told us all along, and we should have listened more attentively. It looks like LA-native Lonzo Ball was destined to become a Lakers. The Ball family's dream came true. The Lakers will welcome with open arms the talents of a player that will fit in nicely with the team.

Lonzo Ball is selected by the Lakers

The Philadelphia 76ers, as presumed, selected Markelle Fultz with the 1st overall pick. The Lakers were suddenly on the clock. All the poor play and disappointments of the 2016/2017 season were now producing their fruits. Lonzo Ball's name had been floating around some time as the Lakers' potential pick, but media reports were saying different things leading into the draft.

The Lakers selected Lonzo Ball with the second pick. While Lonzo probably felt like the happiest person in the world at the time, his father LaVar definitely displayed happiness with more effusiveness. LaVar was quick to announce that his son would lead the Lakers to the playoffs next season in an interview with ESPN following the selection.

Lonzo Ball is a special player

Lakers' general manager Rob Pelinka said the following about Lonzo Ball in a press conference yesterday: "Transcendent talent, there’s something very, very special about his basketball abilities." The Lakers have shown no concerns about the outspoken nature of his father LaVar Ball. Pelinka mentioned the time he and Magic Johnson spent on Ball's turf to see how Lonzo goes through his daily routine.

What they were also able to acknowledge was that the Ball family is very close and that Lonzo was a simple, warmhearted person.

Ball's basketball IQ and selflessness will help his Lakers teammates get better. Coach Luke Walton likes a high-paced offense where the ball does not cease to move. Ball will be able to showcase all his abilities as he also enjoys running the floor and getting his teammates involved.

Jordan Clarkson might be one player who will benefit from Lonzo's presence. Clarkson is an athletic and explosive player, so he will surely keep an eye on the ball every time Lonzo is running the floor. Brandon Ingram is a long, versatile player, so he will also enjoy Lonzo's passes every time he can slash towards the basket. Big players like Larry Nance Jr. and newly acquired Brook Lopez can also thrive in the pick-and-roll/pop with the ball in Ball's hands. Nance can make athletic finishes at the rim and Lopez has learned to spread the floor and make perimeter shots.

All signs point to a bright future in Staples Center. It is unlikely that Lonzo Ball or Brandon Ingram get traded in this off-season.

Thus, the Lakers will have to find a way to acquire a superstar in order to take the team to the next level. All eyes are on Paul George, but all the pressure is on the Indiana Pacers. The Lakers can make a decent offer this year or wait to welcome George as an unrestricted free agent next summer.