The New York Knicks aren’t expected to fare well in the 2017-18 NBA season as the team starts yet another rebuilding process. Phil Jackson is no longer around, and neither is Carmelo Anthony. Derrick Rose opted to join the Cavaliers, though there are still big names with fat contracts remaining.

There are prominent names on the Knicks' roster. There is Courtney Lee, Joakim Noah, Kyle O’ Quinn, and Enes Kanter. They are proven veterans who can be of use to other teams making a run for an NBA title. However, the numbers crunch will stand in the way.

Lee trade makes sense, Noah a bit difficult

Of the mix, Courtney Lee is looming as the player who the Knicks can easily trade off. He holds a $36.6 million deal over the next three years, figures that should be reasonable. However, the Knicks would want something in return. That could be younger players (preferably a guard) or even draft picks.

On the other hand, Noah may be a hard pawn to move. He carries a hefty $55 million contract, a ridiculous amount that teams may not want to take on. As pointed out by Hoops Hype, the Knicks could opt to waive the bruiser, though it would alleviate cap space in 2019 and negatively affect the team for the next three years.

O’Quinn and Lance Thomas have drawn interest, probably the easiest players to deal.

As for Kanter, he holds a $35 million deal which may not be that easy to move.

Building around Porzingis

Looking ahead, the Knicks are expected to build around Kristaps Porzingis. The Latvian has already proven what he can do on both ends of the court, though he cannot do it alone. His preseason hasn’t been that fruitful. However, he can work on that as the NBA nears its 2017-18 season.

Assuming the Knicks deal off players who are not part of their future, will Porzingis be patient enough to see how things evolve? This season holds no promise, with the Knicks more inclined to clean up the mess of a failed project by Jackson.

Executive President Steve Mills and head coach Jeff Hornacek have a long season ahead.

If the aforementioned players are dealt, Porzingis still has some guys to turn to, including Michael Beasley, Willy Hernangomez, Doug McDermott, Ramon Sessions, and Trey Burke.

On paper, the roster may not be impressive. Then again, Hornacek could whip up something to get this odd mix of players humming. The preseason hasn’t been that kind to New York and things are expected to get tougher once the regular season starts.

The Knicks will ironically visit the Oklahoma City Thunder on Oct. 19 to kick off their 2017-18 campaign. All eyes will be on Anthony who seems to have blended in nicely with Russell Westbrook and Paul George.