Throughout the season, Latvian Kristaps Porzingis has been quietly focusing on his game on the basketball court. He was hardly included in the off-court drama that involved Carmelo Anthony, Jeff Hornacek and phil jackson, though he was likely bothered by it.

It turns out that Porzingis was bothered by it all and wants no part of it. He caused quite a stir recently when he skipped the traditional exit interview with Phil Jackson. Reports have it that the 21-year-old is frustrated with the distractions the ballclub had to endure this season.

What does the future hold of the Latvian?

Looking ahead, Porzingis is likely to return next season. With Carmelo Anthony expected to be traded, Porzingis is seen as the next star of the Knicks. However, Knicks president Phil Jackson believes that Porzingis may need more time. He believes that the 21-year-old is not yet ready to take on the role. He lauds the competitive nature of Porzingis but points out physical factors that need to be addressed.

Seeing as how Porzingis carries a freakish height, Jackson was likely referring to the bumps that centers and forwards usually have to deal with. True enough, Porzingis could be easily brushed aside if he goes up against bruisers like DeMarcus Cousins, LaMarcus Aldridge or Anthony Davis.

Was message sent with exit interview shun?

Seeing how Jackson views Porzingis, skipping the exit interview could be the Latvian’s way of showing he wants direction for the Knicks. It is unlikely to spur any trade talk for now unless Porzingis actually asks for one. If Porzingis feels that he would be best playing for other teams, this could be a clear message moving forward.

Anthony and Derrick Rose are likely gone after this season. Porzingis could be next in line unless he sees a clear path in terms of what the organization is aiming for. Hornacek, who has had his share of rebellion from players, will still be around. Despite his light embrace of the triangle offense, he may have to do it for now.

Getting new pieces will be critical next season for the Knicks. It all starts with who they get in exchange for Anthony. There is also the 2017 NBA draft and the free agent market. Jackson and company have lots of work ahead, but hopefully they will be able to right the ship.