Before the 2017/2018 season even started in the NHL, many had an idea of what to expect in terms of who would be gliding to victory and who would simply fall to pieces. As expected, there are five teams that stand out in terms of starting off poorly this season. Any ideas as who they might be? As we are just over a week into the season lets take a look at five teams that are off to a surprisingly poor start.

Montreal Canadiens

The first is the Montreal Canadiens.

To put it in simple terms, the Canadiens can't score. The team is without a doubt in a scoring drought as the club has gone 1-3-0 so far. They have only been able to score give goals so far. Looking at other teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs who have scored over 20 goals so far. The biggest problem for the Canadiens has ultimately been their goalie Carey Price, as he hasn't been the Carey Price that we are familiar with. His GAA is averaging 3.30, and his save percentage is as low as .899. The Canadiens are making a name for themselves in a negative way, as they have a minus eight goals differential.

Boston Bruins

The second team is the Boston Bruins.

This team has made it to this list as their losses have come from the Colorado Avalanche. When looking at Colorado, although they are doing well so far this season, they have put up the worst record in the salary cap era last season. Which calls into question as to why the Bruins have struggled against them? Just like the Canadiens the Bruins have not scored a lot of goals.

As well, their goalie has been struggling, with a GAA of 3.75 and a save percentage of .870. It also doesn't help that Patrice Bergeron is suffering with an injury.

Dallas Stars

The third team is the Dallas Stars. Many have anticipated a strong start for this team as they added Ben Bishop and Alexander Radulov in the offseason.

The team has put up a 1-3-0 record so far and lets face it, this is not the definition of victory. But, the Stars should be able to redeem themselves with their upcoming schedule as they face the Arizona Coyotes and the Vancouver Canucks.

New York Rangers

Coming in at number four is the New York Rangers. The Rangers are off to a 1-3-0 start, and although they shown that they have the ability to beat teams, their goalie Henrik Lundqvist has not put up the best performance. Although the Rangers put up a fight against the Leafs, by coming back from a 5-1 deficit, unfortunately the game still ended up as a loss for the Rangers.

Edmonton Oilers

Last but not least is the Edmonton Oilers. This team has been hyped up to be favourited for the Stanley Cup this season, but unfortunately they have not shown that through their game as of yet. The Oilers are 1-2-0 and have unfortunately lost their last two games. One of their losses come against the Canucks, where they lost at a score of 3-2. Their offence has been flat and has only been coming from their star, Connor McDavid as he has scored three of the seven goals that they have put up.

McDavid has obviously made a name for himself over the last couple years. The Oilers are also not getting as many shots on net, so the only way to improve this is through other players stepping it up with scoring. This should ultimately help them.