As history shows in sports, beards have become a prominent trademark with athletes in their sport regime. But today we will be paying particular attention to baseball. Having a postseason beard is a popular tradition and also a personal preference. At the end of the day, it's hard not to catch those players with the lengthy beards. Players who play at a high level are noticed, not only for the way they play but also for their beards.

Epic beards are a trending thing that every sport showcases and at least one player will have one. Some of the widely known players who have epic beards in the world of sports are James Harden from the Houston Rockets and Joe Thornton From the San Jose Sharks.

For Joe Thornton, he was noticed for his facial hair when the team was in the playoffs in 2015-16.

Now that we are in the season of fall, that means playoff baseball, so here are the five best beards from the MLB's postseason:

Dallas Keuchel, Houston Astros

Dallas Keuchel has been recognized not only as the ace pitcher for the Houston Astros, but also for his facial hair. His decision to grow out his beard has maintained a relationship with his star performance. Similar to James Harden, his Houston equivalent. The left-handed pitcher has been a highly valued star for the Houston Astros, as the team is now facing the LA Dodgers in the World Series.

Justin Turner, LA Dodgers

Many know Justin Turner by his nickname, "RedTurn2," with his ginger hair, similar to Dallas Keuchel.

His success came around the same time as his long beard did. It could be a coincidence or maybe it's not. Since Turner has signed with the Dodgers, he has not only been seen as one of baseball's top third basemen but a player with a unique beard and one who is a clutch performer. In addition, he is even in the running for MVP this season.

Charlie Blackmon, Rockies

Blackmon is a player that hasn't always had a beard. In fact, he went without facial hair for years. But in 2014, this changed, as he decided to try out the beard. Since he has grown the beard, his performance has improved. This year was actually one of his best seasons as the Rockies center fielder.

He helped the Rockies get to the postseason this year, which was huge.

Archie Bradley, Diamondbacks

Many refer to him as Baby-face Bradley, but as he has now ditched the clean shaven look, we can no longer call him Baby-face Bradley. And just like others on this list, the beard has oddly led to success. This year he went from a starting pitcher to heading to the bullpen, and he inevitably found his calling.

Jayson Werth, Nationals

Last but not least is Jayson Werth from the Washington Nationals. The 38-year old's beard remains stylish and many can't match his unique look. The outfielder's beard has made a continuous progression in length and thickness. Although we are unsure how long he will remain with the Nationals, one thing that will remain forever is his beard.