Cleveland Cavaliers and Kyrie Irving decided to go separate ways this offseason as the point guard wanted to be the focal point of the team, which was something the Cavaliers could give him. Cleveland shipped Irving to the Boston Celtics, but they got a few valuable pieces in return, including Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and valuable draft picks. Irving finished his first preseason in Boston and he decided to compare it to Cleveland, saying some unnecessary things.

Irving's comments were rather disappointing considering everything he achieved in Cleveland.

That is the city where he became a superstar and won his first NBA championship. However, the point guard decided to burn bridges with Cleveland by taking shots at the city and his former team. Dwyane Wade, one of the latest additions to the Cavaliers' roster, responded to Irving and his comments.

Irving's comments

Kyrie Irving did not only compare Boston to Cleveland, but he also compared the Celtics to his former team. The point guard said how Boston is a major city and how the culture is different. He also added that it's a thriving city and that he's finally playing in a "real, live sports city."

When it comes to the difference between these two teams, Irving said that ball movement is the biggest difference.

While this is partially true, it's important to note that Irving himself is the reason why the Cavaliers did not move the ball a lot. As a point guard, it was his job to run the floor and make sure that everyone gets touches. However, it turns out he did not like that LeBron James was another playmaker and he wanted to have more control over the team.

Wade's response to Irving

Dwyane Wade said he tries not to be sensitive to something he reads because he wasn't there when the person said it. However, he admitted that Boston has a rich sports culture, whether it's football, baseball or basketball. " I think, depending on how you want to take it. If you’re Cleveland and the way they were left, you read it one way.

If you’re a sports fan somewhere else, you read it another way," added Wade.

The shooting guard also said that you never know where you are going to end up and who will your teammates be. "You just never know those things, so I never want to leave a place and talk s*** about a place. Because when you were there, it was great, and then you leave, it’s terrible?" He also mentioned players and how fans treat them when they leave. When players are on their favorite team, they celebrate them, but when they leave the team, it's the worst thing.

It's hard to argue with Dwyane Wade's logic on this topic and he's certainly right. While it does seem that Kyrie Irving took some cheap shots at his former team, he did not lie when he talked about Boston.

It will be interesting to see if Irving can turn the Boston Celtics into a great team and help them take the Cavaliers down. However, considering how good the Cavaliers are, it is very unlikely.

Cleveland Cavaliers will open their season against the Boston Celtics and Kyrie Irving. Unfortunately, they may not be able to count on LeBron James, who is questionable for the game due to his ankle injury. However, there is no doubt that the game will be very interesting, and we can expect the crowd to boo Irving.