Cleveland Cavaliers have been very active in the last few months, giving their best to improve the roster and get a good shot at winning another championship. They managed to get rid of unwanted contracts while trading for a few great players. Beside these things, the Cavaliers also managed to sign some star players to cheap contracts, further improving their depth.

Even though the regular season starts in just three days, it looks that the Cavaliers aren't done putting the pieces together. Yesterday, they made a big trade with the Atlanta Hawks as they sent Richard Jefferson and Kay Felder away, clearing up two roster spots and reducing the luxury tax for the next season.

While Cleveland has a great and competitive roster, they might get a chance to make it even better by reuniting LeBron James and Dwyane Wade with their former teammate from Miami, Chris Bosh.

The Big 3 reunion

LeBron, Wade and Bosh teamed up in Miami in 2010 as they all decided to join forces and play for the Heat. The trio was simply amazing and they spent four years playing in South Beach, advancing to the NBA Finals in each of those years and winning two championship titles.

In 2014, LeBron decided to go back to Cleveland, breaking up the trio. Two years later, Wade left the Heat too, joining the Chicago Bulls. Chris Bosh was the last member of the "Big 3" who stayed in Miami, but his health issues were too serious and he was not allowed to play.

This summer, the Heat officially waived Bosh, losing the final member of the trio.

While Bosh was cut by the Heat due to his health complications, he is still not ready to give up on his basketball career. The big man has been spotted at the Los Angeles Lakers' practice facility twice this summer. Despite his serious health situation, Chris Bosh still wants to make an NBA comeback.

Choosing the Cleveland Cavaliers would be a no-brainer as the power forward would reunite with his former teammates and he would have a great chance to win another championship ring.

Bosh's comeback is not impossible

Chris Bosh should stay away from basketball and retire because playing in the NBA would mean that he may get a fatal clot, which wouldn't end well for him.

However, he seems persistent and wants to come back to the league, and the fact is that it's not impossible for him to do it.

Barry Jackson of Miami Herald wrote about the former Heat forward, “Bosh is living in Southern California and associates say Bosh has by no means ruled out playing again despite his past battle with blood clots.”