Unfortunately, injuries are a big part of basketball and some teams have a really bad luck when it comes to avoiding them. Cleveland Cavaliers, who have made some major roster changes this offseason, have already been bitten by the injury bug. With the regular season just a week away, the Cavaliers are not able to count on three of their players, but their situation may improve soon.

Isaiah Thomas, who was acquired in the trade with the Boston Celtics earlier this offseason, will be sidelined until December or even next year. Without him, the Cavaliers will have to use Derrick Rose as a starting point guard, which is definitely a downgrade.

However, Cleveland also lost LeBron James and Iman Shumpert to injuries. James got injured during the training camp while Shumpert went down in the preseason. Fortunately, LeBron will most likely make his preseason debut on Tuesday.

LeBron James' injury

Shortly before the Cleveland Cavaliers signed Dwyane Wade to a one-year deal, LeBron James suffered an ankle injury that has kept him sidelined for over a week. James has a history of ankle injuries, but it was mostly just minor injuries and nothing serious. Even though x-rays on his ankle were negative, the Cavaliers forward had to sit out a few practices and games in order to recover.

Considering that the Cavaliers are already shorthanded, they definitely cannot afford to lose James.

He is not only the most important piece of the team, but also the best player in the entire league. Without him, they would have no chance of winning another title. He has proven countless times that he is capable of carrying his team deep into the playoffs, and that is what he will most likely do this upcoming season.

James could be back soon

The four-time MVP participated in the team practice on Monday and he showed some signs of rust. This isn't surprising considering how long he's been out, but there is no doubt he will soon bounce back and perform well. "A little tired," coach Tyronn Lue said of James and his practice. "But he went hard and pushed through it.

Just trying to get his conditioning up," the coach added.

LeBron James is expected to make a preseason debut on Tuesday at home. The Cavaliers will host the Chicago Bulls in what will be their final home game of the preseason. James is also expected to appear in the final preseason game when his Cavaliers visit Orlando to face off against the Magic. With three losses and no wins in the preseason, the Cavaliers will be looking to win at least one game with their best player on the team.