The 2017-18 NBA season is still young, and so are several of the most exciting talents that just started their careers in the league. They undoubtedly include former No. 1 draft pick Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers' No. 2 draft pick, Lonzo Ball. Here's a look at how each has performed so far in their first few games of the new season.

Ben Simmons, Sixers (0-3)

Ben Simmons is just getting started in his career after missing the entirety of last season due to an injury and recovery. Now, he's an official starter for a talented young Philadelphia 76ers team.

He's looked good so far in his first few games and has made history already. He achieved a double-double in each of his first two games as a rookie, becoming the first Sixers player to do that, and the 11th player in NBA history.

The losing record is obviously of concern, but part of that is the team chemistry. Joel Embiid is being used cautiously by the team and isn't allowed to play in back-to-back games just yet. Rookie Markelle Fultz is also being used sparingly off the bench rather than starting. There's also veteran J.J. Redick who is learning to work with the younger roster.

Simmons ended up getting his third-straight double-double last night in the Sixers' loss to the Toronto Raptors.

He's now averaging one so far this season with 15.7 points, six assists, and 10.3 rebounds per game. It seems the sky is the limit with much more of a season ahead of this bright young talent.

Lonzo Ball, Lakers (1-1)

Rookie Lonzo Ball had a rough start to his career against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Lakers' No. 2 draft pick was harassed for the duration of the game by Clippers' defensive presence Patrick Beverley who also gave Ball an earful to bother him in his debut game.

Lonzo finished that game with just three points on 1-for-6 shooting but managed to dish out four assists and grab nine boards in a 108-92 Lakers' loss. That defeat and poor performance had analysts already starting to talk badly about the rookie star.

However, Ball bounced back in his second NBA game against the Phoenix Suns.

He went off in terms of scoring, shooting 27 shots and making 12 of them. Four of those shots were from downtown, and he finished with 29 points to lead his team. He also had 11 rebounds and nine assists, nearly achieving his first triple-double in just his second NBA game. In particular, the points total was surprising based on criticism of how he shoots.

More importantly, he helped his team get a two-point win over the Phoenix Suns to go to 1-1 on the season. If Ball can work on his shooting issues and learn to find his teammates for open shots, he could be a major difference maker in L.A. this season. With that said, there's still a long season ahead and plenty of pro ballers looking to shut up Lonzo's dad LaVar Ball, so stay tuned.