The latest episode of "SmackDown Live" took place on Tuesday, September 26th from Gila River Arena in Glendale, California. Among the superstars competing were The Usos, The Hype Bros, Tye Dillinger, and Baron Corbin. There were also plenty of promos ahead of "Hell in a Cell." In the opening segment, Kevin Owens went to the ring to address the situation with Shane Mcmahon and talked about how when he's snapped in the past it doesn't end well for anyone. Sami Zayn interrupted and the two had a back-and-forth exchange with Zayn suggesting that Owens is crossing a line with the McMahon family and needs to be careful.

Owens insulted Zayn saying he's jealous of Owens' accomplishments in WWE such as winning titles. Zayn said that may be true, but when he looks in the mirror he doesn't see a giant piece of trash looking back at him. Zayn said when his career's over he can say he did things his way and the right way. "SmackDown" GM Daniel Bryan arrived out and booked the two for the main event match.

Match results

Baron Corbin defeated Tye Dillinger via countout. AJ Styles was watching the match on guest commentary. During the match, things went to the outside with Dillinger avoiding a spear tackle from Corbin. Tye tried to bring Corbin back into the ring for his finisher but Corbin got out of the ring again. He threw a drink in Styles' face and then tossed Dillinger onto Styles over the announcers' table.

Corbin got back into the ring to beat the 10 count while Dillinger didn't. Post-match, Corbin challenged Styles to a U.S. Championship match at "Hell in a Cell" PPV.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal arrived to the ring with The Singh Brothers for more trash talk and a goofy slideshow with pictures of Shinsuke Nakamura making weird faces.

Nakamura eventually came out and fought off The Singh Brothers at ringside the was able to hit Kinshasa on Jinder. Mahal got out of the ring and Nakamura celebrated.

The Usos defeated The Hype Bros via pinfall. New Day was watching from the ringside area. In the match, Mojo and Ryder went for a double team but Ryder ended up getting dumped onto the floor.

The Usos delivered a superkick on Mojo and then the big splash for the pinfall win. Post-match, Usos talked some trash to New Day and Woods suggested that they fight in a Hell in a Cell match for the tag titles at the PPV.

They had a special ceremony for Rusev in the ring. Aiden English was in the ring and announced he was Master of Ceremonies for the "Pride of Bulgaria" ceremony. He introduced the Mayor of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, who was an actor. English sang the Bulgarian National Anthem as Rusev arrived to the ring. Once in the ring, the mayor read from a scroll in Bulgarian and then handed a key to Rusev, proclaiming that September 26th is now "Rusev Day."

Rusev boasted of his recent accomplishment of defeating Randy Orton as footage was shown.

He said Orton was known as the "Apex Predator" or "Legend Killer," but Rusev is the "Lion of Bulgaria." He said he killed the legend killer's legend and pulled out his fangs. English got on the mic to sing a special song he'd written about Rusev Day. Randy Orton showed up in the ring and hit an RKO on English. The mayor left the ring and Rusev turned into an RKO from Orton as well.

Charlotte defeated Carmella via pinfall. The match lasted nearly seven minutes. James Ellsworth was ringside, but Carmella chained his leash to the ring post like he was a dog. Ellsworth tried to help during the match by grabbing Charlotte's leg at one point and Carmella hit a handstand headscissors. Carmella would continue to show a good bit of offense through the match but couldn't put "The Queen" away.

The finish saw Carmella kick out of a pinfall by Charlotte only to get hit by a big boot from her. That allowed Charlotte to collect the winning pinfall. Post-match, Natalya came out and said she's glad Ric is recovering so he can watch his "overrated daughter" lose to her at the "Hell in a Cell" PPV.

Dolph Ziggler came out to Undertaker's entrance dressed like him. He mocked the fans who chanted "You suck," asking "Did you really think you'd see Undertaker twice in one year?" Ziggler said anyone can put on a Halloween costume and act like a zombie in the ring.

He told the crowd they don't get it that nobody can do what he does in the ring. That brought the newest member of "SmackDown Live," Bobby Roode, out to interrupt. He called Ziggler an amazing in-ring competitor and talent but said he's a hypocrite. He challenged Ziggler to a match at "Hell in a Cell" to back up his claims of being so great in the ring. Ziggler told him he was on.

Main event match

The main event was booked earlier in the night and would feature Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens. The two competitors brawled early on. Things went to the outside where Owens threw Zayn into a barricade and stomped away on him. They went back in the ring where Zayn got the upper hand after a clothesline. The two continued to go at it, and Shane McMahon was shown arriving to the building backstage.

After a commercial break, Sami managed to regain control and avoided an Owens' powerbomb. He hit a Blue Thunder Bomb and had the near fall. Moments later, Sami was able to dive out onto Owens on the outside floor.

Sami tried to do a DDT through the ropes but Kevin Owens hit him with a superkick and then power bombed Sami on the apron. The referee called for the bell to stop the match and had some trainers and other stuff come help Sami to his feet. Owens watched from the announcers' table and then jumped them from behind, knocking Sami and the security staff down. He got a steel chair and placed it around Sami's neck.

Owens prepared to send Zayn into the ring post with the chair around his neck to really put his former friend out of commission.

However, Shane McMahon's theme music hit and he rushed out to try to make a save. As Shane charged down the ramp, Owens shoved Zayn into Shane-O-Mac and the two fell to the floor.

Kevin Owens then hightailed it through the crowd as Shane got in the ring. The two engaged in a stare down from their respective areas as "SmackDown Live" went off the air. The close to "SmackDown" has certainly made tensions even thicker as the blue brand superstars head towards October's "Hell in a Cell" event!