All the NBA offseason drama has now been put to rest after the Carmelo to OKC trade was finalized the other day. The only story remains now is on where Dwyane Wade will play next season and Donald Trump's tweets. Wade and the Chicago Bulls have now finalized a buyout that could pave the way for Wade to come back to Miami. The NBA world (including NBA stars) have also been very busy talking about the Donald Trump tweets regarding the annual White House visit.

President Trump declines invitation to Warriors

President Donald Trump tweeted a few days back that he is going to withdraw his invitation to the Golden State Warriors with regards to the annual NBA champions white house visit.

Steph Curry and Steve Kerr have both been vocal in saying that they are having second thoughts about visiting the white house this year with Trump as the President. Trump did not take kindly to the Warriors hesitation. He directly tweeted that since Curry is hesitating he will directly withdraw his invitation as going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team.

After President Trump's tweet, LeBron James quickly followed up by saying that Curry already stated he would not go, thus withdrawing the invite is no longer necessary. James continued to express his dismay at the president with a video he posted on the Uninterrupted twitter page. Draymond Green also tweeted his dismay on the comments of President Trump on Twitter.

It seems like Donald Trump is not only targeting the NFL but now he is taking shots at the NBA champions.

Wade now joins Cleveland

A few days ago Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls agreed to a buyout that will let Wade leave the Chicago Bulls if he gives up eight million dollars on his 23.8 million dollar contract. Now it seems very likely that Dwyane Wade will have a chance at coming back to Miami Heat next season or to reunite with LeBron James.

Shams Charania of The Vertical has reported that Dwyane Wade is reuniting with his best friend in Cleveland this upcoming season. Dwyane Wade has agreed to a one-year 2.3 million dollar contract.

With Dwyane Wade now coming to Cleveland, this will make the Cavaliers even more likely to reach another NBA finals next season. LeBron James already expressed his desire on Wade joining the Cleveland Cavaliers yesterday.

LeBron thinks that the addition of Wade will bring more Championship DNA and more playmaking to the team. The Cleveland Cavaliers now have Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Kevin Love, and LeBron James.