There are already a number of matches scheduled for the WWE's "Hell in a Cell 2017" pay-per-view. Among them are Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon fighting inside the Hell in a Cell structure as well as Shinsuke Nakamura getting another crack at the WWE Championship against Jinder Mahal. The Women's Championship had its match set up on "SmackDown Live." It now looks like another championship match is going to be added and it will be a Triple Threat Match based on the blue brand's recent episodes.

What's the match?

Reports have come out that AJ Styles will be defending his United States Championship on the card.

There were previous rumors that his opponent would be "The Lone Wolf" Baron Corbin. This makes sense based on recent run-ins over the past several weeks on "SmackDown Live." However, another superstar appears like he will join the match.

On the past several "SmackDown" episodes, Tye Dillinger has also been a part of the United States title picture. He answered AJ's open challenge once and was attacked by Corbin. Styles defeated Dillinger in that match but gave him a shot again.

Just this past week, Baron Corbin was going to take his shot at the U.S. title but this time around, Dillinger got involved as Corbin tried to attack Styles before the match even got started. Dillinger and Styles ended up getting the best of Corbin and he seemed to be favoring his ankle after the battle.

All of this seems to be building up towards a Triple Threat match at WWE's "Hell in a Cell" pay-per-view.

Who will win?

Baron Corbin looked like he might ultimately be headed towards a WWE Championship reign once he won the "Money in the Bank" briefcase. However, WWE soon nixed those plans due to some backstage issues and social media problems.

In addition, Corbin simply didn't seem to "be there" quite yet in terms of championship material. He tried to cash in the briefcase on Jinder Mahal only for John Cena to thwart his attempts.

Now Corbin's in the U.S. title picture and with Tye Dillinger also in the match it seems to give Corbin an easy way to steal a win without pinning AJ Styles.

That said, WWE also seems to be giving several of their top superstars some lengthy title reigns. In recent memory, they've included Asuka, The New Day, and The Miz, who are all boasting of record title reigns.

One has to wonder if WWE wants to give AJ Styles, a prominent wrestling star across many promotions, a similar type of reign before he eventually turns to the WWE Championship picture again. As of right now, it would seem Styles should be the favorite, with Corbin right up there in terms of odds to win this title which isn't quite as big as the WWE Championship.

WWE fans, who do you think will win this Triple Threat match for the U.S. title at "Hell in a Cell" PPV?