This year's NBA offseason has been a wild and crazy one with a handful of NBA top tier players shifting teams like Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas, Brook Lopez, D'Angelo Russell, Jae Crowder, Chris Paul, Ante Zizic, and Paul George. The games for next season will be a more fast paced one as the NBA board have approved new in-game timeout rules to increase the game flow of NBA games. And also for next season, the NBA players will also have a more relaxed season as the NBA will adopt changes in the NBA schedule to make it a more player friendly one to avoid resting players.

Michael Kid-Gilchrist will continue to start for the Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets have been pretty intact and stable in their roster this offseason, they have not changed much but have added solid players like Malik Monk. Rick Bonnell of Charlotte Insider has reported that NBA player Michael Kid-Gilchrist will continue to have the starting small forward position for next season per Steve Clifford. Many have said that Michael Kid-Gilchrist can not be a solid starter as he clearly lacks shooting in his arsenal. Clifford acknowledged that weakness but said that shooting is important but not as important as competitiveness, Character, and Kid-Gilchrists natural talent. MKG has also shown how good of a defender he is, and if he is off the court the Hornets perimeter defense will surely fall apart.

Many fans are saying that Malik Monk should actually start in place of Michael Kid-Gilchrist because Malik Monk is a great shooter but a number still believe, along with Steve Clifford, that Kid-Gilchrist will have a wonderful and solid year next season.

MKG needs to improve shooting to be a better all around player

Michael Kid-Gilchrist entered the NBA scene when he was drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats (now Charlotte Hornets) in the 2012 NBA Draft with the second overall draft pick.

MKG's career has been pretty stable and slowly improving with the 2015-2016 season the only set back as he suffered a separated right shoulder in an offseason game against the Orlando Magics. He has career averages of 9.1 points, 0.8 blocks, 0.7 steals, 1.3 assists, and 6.4 rebounds while shooting 47 percent from the field, 20.6 percent from beyond the arc, and 71.2 percent from the free throw line. Charlotte fans can only hope that Michael Kid-Gilchrist has been working on his shooting so that he can become a better all around player next season.