The Hornets are in an interesting position. Last season they weren't overly outstanding, finishing off at 36-46; and although they have starters such as Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum, there is virtually no help for the talented backcourt. With hardly any open cap space going into the free agency period, what can the Hornets do to propel themselves to a playoff seed? Unfortunately, it seems like short of nothing will make that possible. But can Michael Jordan work up some magic to help his struggling Hornets?

Cap space

One thing is for certain -- Charlotte is no destination for free agents right now.

What factors into that is two things: the lack of cap space, and the raising of the salary cap. Last year with a raise in the salary cap, we saw decent players signing all-star player contracts, and this year will most likely display more of the same. Given that the Hornets have virtually no cap space, they boast virtually no attraction. Add in the fact they aren't exactly a winning team, and you have a recipe for disaster.

What has caused the lack

Now, the fact that Charlotte has no room isn't the worst thing in the world. They have a very talented starting point guard in Kemba Walker locked up until 2019, and a great starting shooting guard in Nicolas Batum who is in Charlotte until at least 2020 with a player option.

And although this duo came at a pretty penny, Hornets management was smart to get out in front of the raise in the salary cap, or they could be paying double right now. Kemba Walker is an extremely cheap deal given a player of his current caliber, and at the ripe age of 27, the Hornets are fortunate to have him until 2019 on his current contract.

The Future

If the Hornets did decide to become active this off-season, expect them to use Marco Bellinelli, Marvin Williams, and if they were ambitious, Michael-Kidd Gilchrist. As mentioned before, with Walker and Batum going nowhere, the Hornets would have to move some other pieces around if they decide this is the off-season to do so.

Marco Bellinelli is now 31 and taking up a lot of salary for his production.

Jeremy Lamb, the 24-year-old shooting guard from the University of Connecticut, was more productive in fewer minutes than Belinelli last season. Not to mention Bellinelli will be a free agent the following year, while Lamb is signed until 2019. Given all this, I expect the Hornets to cash out on his contract this summer given they have a suitable back-up and could use the extra allowance.

Perhaps the Hornets could consider moving Marvin Williams. The now 30-year-old power forward does boast a large contract and isn't getting any younger. But as previously mentioned, the price of keeping solid role players is increasing; and given that Williams signed this most recent contract in 2014, the Hornets probably got him for cheaper than if he were up for another contract this year.

Needless to say, if the Hornets feel it is time to bring in new blood to pair up with Walker and Batum and push for a title, then consider Williams out.

Now, Michael-Kidd Gilchrist is a rather intriguing piece. I don't see the Hornets moving him, as they have him until 2019 when he has a player option, and he seems like a piece they want to have around. The 23-year-old is the team's leading rebounder, and although he does not possess the offensive capabilities you might want your starting small forward to have, he does provide a great deal on the defensive end. But again, unless the Hornets were going all for broke, you'll see Kidd-Gilchrist sporting a Hornets jersey next season.

Free agents

Now, the Hornets have three free agents.

Brian Roberts, who is unrestricted, and most likely the fourth best option going into next season probably won't be making a return. The next is Ramon Sessions, and the Hornets have his team-option contract to consider. Sessions was brought back at the start of the season, and to say he was underwhelming this season is an understatement.

However finding someone who will guarantee those numbers will most likely cost Charlotte more than bringing him back, so I expect Sessions to be in the Charlotte rotation next season. The last is Christian Wood, whom the Hornets have already stated they have no intention of bringing back next season.

Bottom line

The Hornets might jeopardize a lot this summer by doing this, but I wouldn't hate it if they tried to make some moves.

There have been rumors about Stephen Curry possibly going to his hometown of Charlotte and playing for the Hornets, but that is a prayer if I have ever heard one. The most expected move that the Hornets could make is to do nothing because they simply can't. But if Jordan has any clutch genes left in him from his playing days, it wouldn't shock me if he pulled the trigger on a franchise-changing move this summer.