Last year, Dwyane Wade decided to leave the Miami Heat, after spending 13 years with them. The shooting guard got an offer from his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls, which he gladly accepted. The deal he signed with the Bulls was not only lucrative, but it was also a two-year deal which allowed Wade to stay with Chicago longer and get paid a lot of money.

The shooting guard had a player option on the second year of his contract, and he decided to exercise it this summer. This means he will stay in Chicago for another year, and he will be paid almost $24 million.

However, Dwyane Wade's tenure with the Chicago Bulls might be cut short as there have been numerous rumors regarding his buyout. It appears that there is a mutual interest in this matter as it seems that both Wade and the Bulls want something else. If the guard gets bought out, he will be a free agent, and there's a good chance he comes back to the Miami Heat.

Miami Heat are interested in Dwyane Wade

Even though Pat Riley decided to let Dwyane Wade go last summer, now it seems that the team wants him back. However, the Heat are not interested in giving Wade a huge contract, nor a big role on the team, which is something that could be a big issue.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reported that Miami would consider bringing back the best player in the franchise history.

The Heat, however, have some specific terms and Wade would have to agree to them if he wants to go back to the place where he started it all.

Jackson reported the following, "The Heat would be interested in Wade under certain circumstances, including if he agrees to a bench role and if he would be willing to play for Miami's $4.3 million exception."

Will Wade come back?

Good thing for the Miami Heat is that Dwyane Wade won't care about the money if he gets bought out.

While it's difficult to predict how much money he could get from the Chicago Bulls if they buy him out, he could end up with even $20 million.

However, it is unlikely that Wade would accept a bench role. While it's true that he would be one of the best bench players in the league, it is hard to even imagine Wade as Dion Waiters' backup.

This deal would benefit the Miami Heat, but it would also benefit Wade if he is willing to be the sixth man. After all, the Heat have nothing to lose by offering this offer to their former player. If Wade doesn't like it, he can always choose another team to sign with, and it seems that the Los Angeles Lakers are another potential destination for the 2006 NBA Finals MVP.