Dwyane Wade is having a fantastic summer. Now only is he going to be paid nearly $24 million by the Chicago Bulls next season, but he is also having a great time traveling and enjoying his break. Just recently, the superstar guard was in Europe, and he returned to the United States on Tuesday.

While Wade's vacation doesn't mean much to his fans, he revealed something important upon his return to the country. The 35-year-old shooting guard said he is going to meet with LeBron James this week, which is definitely a big news. Wade told TMZ Sports that he's been talking to James and they will meet soon.

Now, this could just be a meeting between two friends, as Wade and LeBron are very close. However, the timing for this is interesting as Wade is expected to leave the Bulls via buyout.

Wade meeting with LeBron

There has been a lot of speculation that Wade will be bought out by the Bulls, even before the season starts. If that happens, the shooting guard will be a free agent and he will be free to sign with whatever team he wants to sign with. Realistically, there are only two options left for the former scoring champion, as he can either return to the Miami Heat or join LeBron James in Cleveland.

While both of these options seem great for Wade, the latter might be might better. Not only would he team up with his best friend, LeBron James, once again, but Wade would also have a great chance of winning another championship ring.

Considering he is in the twilight of his career, this would most likely be his last chance to win his fourth championship, which would put him in some exclusive company of the all-time greats.

“We text each other,” Wade said regarding his meeting with James, according to TMZ Sports. “I’m gonna join him at dinner this week somewhere.”

If you are Dwyane Wade and the Bulls want to buy you out, yet you would like to join the Cavaliers and LeBron, this would be the perfect time to go over some details.

Is that what they are going to do? It's definitely very likely.

Dwyane Wade's contract with the Cavaliers

Becoming a free agent after a buyout would allow Wade to sign with the Cavaliers, but it most likely wouldn't be for a lot of money. Considering he will be paid almost $24 million next year, Wade could get bought out for $18 to $20 million, so there's a chance that he'd accept a veteran's minimum contract or a mid-level exception from Cleveland.

In either case, the shooting guard wouldn't be paid a lot by the Cavaliers, which is a win-win situation. At the end of the day, he'd still get plenty of money from Chicago, yet Cleveland could sign him to a cheap contract.