Although there has been a lot of speculation and media coverage between the apparent beef between two of Cleveland’s greatest players of all time, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. Kyrie has shown a soft side to his ego, and shed light to the respect factor that is still present between himself and King James. Leaving a lot of questions unanswered, he still managed to praise King James on his recent appearance on ESPN's First Take.

Kyrie will ‘relish’ time spent playing with LeBron

A man Kyrie still heavily labels the ‘best player on the planet’ is someone he obviously still holds a lot of respect for.

In a recent interview with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on ESPN’s First Take, Kyrie Irving spoke into somewhat depth about his decision to ask for a trade request from a team that had gone to the NBA Finals for the last three years. Irving accused the media and fans of blowing the situation out of proportion, saying that his decision to leave wasn’t due to any broken relationship between LeBron James, instead he was looking to move for the betterment of himself individually.

Uncle Drew’s attitude when speaking about LeBron was very interesting. He didn’t indicate any possibilities of beef going on between the pair, but he also alluded to the fact he did not care about LeBron’s feelings or care about letting LeBron know of his decision.

He also did not mention LeBron’s name, instead labeled the King as ‘him.' But he still showed his respect for the time they spent together as teammates in Cleveland, saying he will forever ‘cherish’ the time they spent together, stating it was ‘unbelievable.' But the story is still not clear, and we do not know the full extent of their relationship.

Although they reportedly haven’t spoken for months, a few likes on Instagram tells enough of a story to see that they have no hard feelings for each other.

So why did Kyrie leave?

Kyrie Irving didn’t make it crystal clear as to why he left; he left a lot of questions unanswered during the interview with Stephen A. and Max on First Take.

But what he did mention, was that the decision was not made due to himself and LeBron having any sort of falling out. Although he did mention that there are more players on the Cavaliers roster than just Mr. James, which gives us the idea it could’ve been another player or person working for the Cavaliers that may have had this impact.

Irving mentioned that he does have a lot of ‘love for Cleveland’ and what the city has brought him during the first stint of his career, but he feels it was time to move on individually, and that was the best decision to make. But ultimately for Kyrie Irving, he believed there was a lack of ‘truthful’ vibes in Cleveland, but said he’s not signaling anyone out. Kyrie stated that he is happy with the next step in his career and is excited to put on a green and white uniform next season, with the Boston Celtics.