LaVar Ball has been making huge headlines in the year of 2016, becoming the so called ‘Kardashian’ of the NBA and basketball, to go along with his family that have been in the limelight all year. The Ball family has been the most talked about family in the basketball community in recent months, and a lot of it has to do with the man of the house, LaVar Ball, and the outlandish things he has said. While a measly 2 points per game in college doesn’t help his case much, LaVar has gone on record saying that he would easily defeat Michael Jeffrey Jordan in a game of one on one in his prime.

He has also shown great confidence in his sons (Lonzo, LaMelo and LiAngelo) with statements comparing them to great NBA superstars like LeBron James and Stephen Curry and goes so far as to say that his son is better than the top dogs in the National Basketball Association.

His popularity grew and he created the iconic ‘Big Baller Brand," his own shoe and clothing line that he has set up for his family. This genius idea has earned him some extra dollars, and has seemingly been a very smart investment as everyone is interested in the Ball family. His outlandish prices got the media talking and the popularity of his brand has grown, and now every baller knows what BBB stands for, and LaVar is loving the spotlight.

The Ball father recently spoke up about the biggest name in the sport of basketball, LeBron James, and where he sees the King ending up in 2018.

It's spelled L-A-B-R-O-N?

When asked if his son Lonzo Ball and the Cleveland Cavaliers all star forward LeBron James would make for a good duo, LaVar Ball said:

"Let me tell you this, it would be a great fit, and LeBron is coming to L.A… He's going to say, 'You know what?

I went to Miami. Won a championship. Brought one back to my hometown. I'm the only one to go to three different places and bring a championship… You do not give Lonzo Ball the best player in the game and don't think they going to win!"

LaVar added that he believes the King would 'fall in love' with playing alongside Lonzo due to how much they both understand the game.

Calling him the greatest player in the sport of basketball, Ball has no doubts that the King will take his talents to LA in 2018. And he also has no doubts about their chances at competing for and winning an NBA championship.

LaVar is very confident with the likelihood of King James coming to Los Angeles in the summer of 2018 to play for the Lakers. He even went on a live stream on his son LaMelo’s Instagram and spelled out LeBron’s name as “L-a-B-r-o-n”, telling people to start spelling his name in this way. He was correct in predicting the Lakers would receive the 2nd overall pick and draft Lonzo in the 2017 NBA draft, so now we just have to wait and see if the Ball father will be correct once again.


Recently, LeBron James was spotted visiting a high school in Los Angeles with his sons. This is a telling sign as his LeBron James Jr, aka Bronny, is 12 years old and is nearing the high school aspect of his life, so many believe the King is looking for a school for his son in the future. And the coincidence that this school is in Los Angeles, points to all the storytellings of LeBron joining the Lakers in 2018. But as what was said earlier, this is all just speculation, we will just have to wait and see.