There has been reportedly a lot of beef between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving after the trade request that Kyrie asked for from the Cleveland Cavaliers. And his request was granted with a trade to the Boston Celtics for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and a first round future draft pick. But the controversy between the two superstars was just speculation from the media and fans, because we had not received any official word from either Kyrie Irving or LeBron James.

But Kyrie has spoken up about his relationship with LeBron James, and how he has appreciated their time together as a duo in Cleveland.

He states that his decision to leave the Cavaliers and start a new phase in his career was a decision made personally, and has nothing to do with the Cavaliers' small forward, LeBron James. There is obviously respect present between Irving and James, but there is also the harsh reality of there being no contact between each other for months and the fact that Kyrie never talked to LeBron about the trade request. It just seems odd after three years of them being ‘brothers’ and being in a very Close Relationship both on and off the court.

Kyrie Irving didn’t care about talking to LeBron about his decision

The brotherhood both Kyrie Irving and LeBron James have shared over the past few years would have fans assuming that they tell each other everything, but that hasn’t been the truth.

When Kyrie Irving decided to talk to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ front office to request a trade from the Cavs, he had no care in the world about telling his close friend and teammate, LeBron James.

During an interview with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on ESPN’s First Take, Kyrie was asked if he spoke to LeBron or if LeBron spoke to him about his decision to want out of Cleveland.

Kyrie responded with a simple, “No… Why would I have to?" Although he certainly doesn’t have to, as it’s his own personal decision, it just seemed odd that they had such a close relationship and he decided to go behind LeBron’s back to make this decision. Stephen A. made a great point, stating “If you don’t speak to somebody about it, they might take it personally” to which Kyrie responded, “Yea…” and Stephen A asked “Do you care about that at all?” and shockingly Kyrie said, “No.” So Kyrie does not care about LeBron taking it personal if he did so.

Brotherhood ended?

They went from talking on a daily basis, to not talking for months. This was due to the trade request from Kyrie Irving. It seems that the relationship between King James and Uncle Drew will never be the same as it once was. They will still be friends, and have respect for each other as professional basketball players and competitors, but it will likely never be the relationship it once was. Kyrie decided to stay quiet about his ambition to leave the Cavs, which had LeBron feeling reasonably upset, to which Kyrie does not care as he feels it’s his own personal decision. But the chemistry they created and the memories they made together won’t be forgotten, and they will likely make many more memories during the rest of their careers, although they won't be made together any longer.