Ever since Kevin Durant made the humongous move to join the Golden State Warriors last offseason, he has been noticeably more brash with his comments no matter the situation. Many thought his move from OKC was focused around Russell Westbrook and his playing style, but in a tweet storm he posted Sunday night, it was more than that. Durant tweeted a reply to a tweet from @ColeCashwell, asking him to give "one legitimate reason for leaving OKC." What Durant replied with opened a lot of eyes as to why he decided to leave the Thunder, which seemed to be more than Westbrook.

Twitter tweet storm

Durant took time to reply to @ColeCashwell's comments but in an interesting way. He seemed to be speaking in the third person as if he was supposed to be speaking on another Twitter account. He has deleted the tweets but thanks to the quick hands of @harrisonmc15, he was able to get screenshots of the tweets and post them to his page.

Durant's Twitter account posted these answers to the question, saying "he didn't like the organization or playing for Bill Donavan. His roster wasn't that good it was just him and Russ. Imagine taking Russ off that team, see how bad they were. KD can't win a championship with those cats."

This is quite the response, as he took shots at every level of the Thunder organization.

KD does have a point about the roster -- when Russell Westbrook was off the court last season, the Thunder were terrible. But if this is actually Durant who tweeted these tweets, this would be the first time he said anything about the Thunder in a negative way since leaving the Thunder.

The deeper story

Leave it to the internet to begin speculating about Durant's account activity.

With the tweets his account posted speaking in third-person, many speculated about Durant having a secret account dedicated to replying to fans. The internet then went into a frenzy, searching for any clues of a secret account linked to Durant. Tim Cato posted on his account what Reddit users found -- what appears to be a secret KD Instagram account having the username "quiresaltan" which Cato found to be two streets in Capitol Heights, Maryland where Durant grew up.

His brother tagged Durant in a picture with that account while they were on a trip to Hawaii.

That secret account that could be Durant's has had some heated arguments with people on it, using very colorful language to get the point across. Nobody knows for sure whether this account is Durant's but all signs are pointing to him being the user behind the account. Durant has himself in a situation, as he will be asked about his recent tweets the next time he is in front of the media. Durant's recent Twitter tirade raises questions of if he actually listens to all the fans, despite saying they don't impact him since he made his move. Durant has only posted one tweet since Sunday night.