With the WWE's "No Mercy 2017" pay-per-view a bit under two weeks away, John Cena and Roman Reigns will be preparing for their first-ever match in the ring. The two have had a war of words back-and-forth on "Raw" for several weeks and a contract signing. Each of them has had matches recently too, with Cena defeating Jason Jordan just a week ago. On tonight's show, John Cena gets another first-time challenge in the form of a superstar Reigns is quite familiar with. Meanwhile, Reigns will take on the guy Cena just became familiar with a week ago.

Here's the latest details on the two big matches announced for tonight's episode of "Raw."

Roman Reigns' match

Roman Reigns is booked to take on none other than Jason Jordan, the long lost son of WWE "Raw" General Manager Kurt Angle. The two have never met inside the squared circle before, making this a unique matchup. Just last week, John Cena defeated Jordan, but will Reigns also make quick work of him?

Does Jason Jordan even have a chance of scoring a major upset tonight against Roman Reigns? If Jordan loses, will he blame his dad Kurt Angle for booking him against top level opponents? Fans will certainly be interested to see what happens here, and what is up next for Jason Jordan.

Cena vs. Strowman?

In what could be the WWE "Raw" main event match, John Cena will battle the monstrous Braun Strowman. These two have never officially met inside the ring before making it a first-time ever meeting tonight. Cena was able to take care of business against Jason Jordan last week, but Strowman is a much bigger competitor.

During last week's "Raw" main event, Strowman demonstrated just how destructive a force he can be. Strowman basically manhandled The Big Show and was able to pin him inside a steel cage match. After the win, Strowman powerslammed Big Show through one of the cage walls to cause further destruction. Will Strowman be able to do the same to John Cena tonight?

Surprise appearance?

With the Cena vs. Strowman match booked for tonight, one has to think it will involve a finish that protects both of these superstars. Strowman is the No. 1 contender for Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship, while Cena is heading towards a big match with Roman Reigns. A loss for either might hurt their credibility in these spots.

A possible finish will see someone else get involved in this match. Could "The Beast" Brock Lesnar make a surprise appearance? That's one possibility. Another could involve Roman Reigns deciding to come out and go after Strowman or act as if he's making a save for John Cena. The reasoning could be that Reigns tells Cena in their next round of trash talking he was making sure his opponent is in "one piece" for their "No Mercy" match.

WWE fans who do you think will win the John Cena vs. Braun Strowman match on Monday's "Raw" episode? Will someone else get involved in it?