Cleveland Cavaliers have been dealing with a lot of problems this offseason, and their fans can't wait for the season to start. While the latest trade with the Boston Celtics would improve the Cavaliers, it is questionable if the trade will even be finalized as there are issues with Isaiah Thomas' health.

No matter what happens, it seems that Cleveland will somehow survive this offseason. Even though their actions could have been devastating for the team, they somehow put their pieces together and are finalizing their roster for the next season.

However, the worst is yet to come for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving is leaving for Boston, but it also seems that LeBron James will leave the team too. James has a player option on his contract for 2018/19 NBA season, and most people think he will leave Cleveland once again. However, Kevin Durant thinks the opposite and he believes that the four-time MVP will stay in Ohio.

Kevin Durant's comments

Kevin Durant recently talked about the NBA and the Cavaliers on Bill Simmons' podcast. The Golden State Warriors superstar shared his thoughts on Kyrie Irving's trade, as well as LeBron James' situation and the upcoming Free Agency.

Durant, who knows what it feels like to be the most-wanted free agent, thinks his rival will stay in Cleveland.

Simmons and Durant talked about James, and they voiced their opinions regarding his potential destination next summer. They even made a bet for a Fat Sal's combo meal over James' free agency destination.

"I personally always said he was staying. I told him this. That’s me. I feel like he’s going to end it in Cleveland. That’s his crib now.

He run it and he gonna turn it into something mega when he’s done. He’s going to do something," said the Warriors forward. Durant believes that his opponent from the 2017 NBA Finals will stay in Cleveland, and even end his career there.

Bill Simmons thinks James will leave

Kevin Durant's opinion on LeBron's free agency is not shared by many NBA fans, and even the Cavaliers fans are rather pessimistic about the entire situation.

The general consensus among fans is that LeBron James will leave Cleveland next summer.

Bill Simmons is among those fans and he just can't see the three-time NBA champion stay in Cleveland after next summer. According to Simmons, LeBron James will leave the Cavaliers in 2018 free agency, and he will leave them for the Los Angeles Lakers.