In 2011, 19-year-old Dylan O'Brien ("Teen Wolf," "The Maze Runner" trilogy, "Deepwater Horizon") shared that he always wanted to throw the first pitch of a New York Mets game. Six years later, the actor's dream came true.

Dylan O'Brien and the New York Mets

Anyone who knows anything about Dylan O'Brien is aware that he is a die-hard Mets fan and has been since he was a kid. In his old YouTube videos, before landing the role as Stiles Stilinski in MTV's hit series, "Teen Wolf," and jump-starting his acting career, young Dylan expressed his love for the team and passion for the game.

That dedication towards the Mets hasn't changed one bit over the years. Loyalty is important to Dylan, as he explained in his interview with Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney on their CBS Sports Radio show, "Tiki and Tierney." No matter what kind of season the Mets have had, Dylan would never turn his back on the team. When asked about his love for the Mets as well as the New York Jets, Dylan explains that he was "born into it," stemming from the "Long Island in [his] family" on his father's side. He made it clear that even after moving to Los Angeles, he stuck with his teams.

Before throwing the ceremonial first pitch for the Mets, Dylan spent some time hanging out on the MLB Network, chatting about baseball, his upcoming film, and playing a hilarious game of pictionary, aka, Central Scribbles.

During the interview, Dylan explained that he was incredibly nervous about throwing the first pitch, so much so that he even considered cancelling the entire thing when his nerves were getting the best of him.

But, he knew he would regret not jumping on the opportunity and Dylan, facing his fears, made his way to Citi Field, home of the New York Mets in Queens, New York. He had the opportunity to meet some of the players before making his way to the pitcher's mound.

Dylan then put his own baseball skills to good use, delivering an awesome first pitch and making his dream a reality.

Dylan was also interviewed during the game, where he talked about how he knew the experience was going to be nerve-racking, but that it was a "dream" and he had to do it. He also reveals how starstruck he was meeting the Mets crew.

"American Assassin"

Dylan was also in New York to do some press for his new movie, "American Assassin," with his co-star, Taylor Kitsch.

The following day, Dylan and Taylor, along with "American Assassin" director, Michael Cuesta, made their way to the BUILD Series NYC Studio in New York City to discuss the film and how the project came together in an in-depth conversation featuring a fan Q&A.

Be sure to catch Dylan in the final episodes of "Teen Wolf," airing Sunday nights on MTV, as well as "American Assassin," coming out September 15th, and "The Maze Runner: The Death Cure," hitting theaters in January 2018. If you're wondering why you should be watching Dylan O'Brien, check out AMC Theatres' video below on the incredibly talented and humble actor: