"American Assassin" has just released another trailer. The movie was directed by Michael Cuesta and is based on a book of the same name written by Vince Flynn. The movie will follow CIA recruit Mitch Rap as he tries to find an operative named Ghost. Ghost is intent on starting a war in the Middle East and Rap will do everything he can to stop him. Casting includes such stars as dylan O' Brien, Michael Keaton, and Taylor Kitsch.

The trailer reveals the movie's antagonist

The newest trailer for "American Assassin" reveals the movie's primary antagonist.

An operative named Ghost is out for blood as he has the launch codes to start a war in the Middle East. The trailer delves into the backstory of the rogue C.I.A. agent known only by the name of Ghost. It turns out that he was trained by one of the best in the program, Stan Hurley, played by Keaton.

Ghost is always two steps ahead in the game and new recruit Mitch Rap is determined to stop him. Mitch is in the process of being trained by Stan Hurley and is a rookie in the C.I.A. However, after a personal tragedy, Mitch has dedicated his life to seeking revenge against terrorists by taking them out before they can complete their attacks. Ghost's skills and Mitch's determination will collide in the explosive movie as the race begins.

Mitch Rap is the perfect killing machine

The "American Assassin" trailer also focuses more on the character of Mitch Rap, played by Dylan O' Brien. Mitch is the movie's main focus. He is a new C.I.A recruit and is introduced as a killing machine. There is a brief flash of his life before his time spent training to kill terrorists.

He is seen on a beach with his girlfriend when terrorists suddenly begin a tragic attack. His girlfriend dies and Mitch is determined to get revenge on the people who took her away.

Mitch Rap has dedicated his life since that day to learning how to kill. He is a perfect shot, knows martial arts and has nothing to lose. There is an ongoing struggle throughout the movie between Mitch and Stan as Mitch continues to disobey orders in order to kill his targets.

One has to wonder how far Mitch will go before he feels he has enacted revenge for his girlfriend's death. This makes him one of the most dangerous new recruits and it will be interesting to see the power struggle play out on screen.

"American Assassin" is due to hit theaters on September 17. The talented cast brings the movie to life in this action adventure book to movie adaptation.