The Tampa Bay Bucs have many teams to get around if they want to win the NFC South, and I think that it will be difficult for them if they are not much improved this season. They are clearly a growing team, but I have to ask myself if I think that they can get a wild card spot since I picked the Falcons to win the division.

Jameis has to soar

Jameis Winston has to be so good that we want to give him MVP votes. I am not saying that he should win the MVP. I am only saying that he should be so amazing that we think he should be the MVP. That is good enough for me, and I think that he can do that because he has been so quiet over the last couple years.

Nothing has happened at all, and people are saying that he is working hard for the Bucs. If he is the guy who has decided to be the first in and last out of the facility every day, and the Bucs will be really good because they have weapons and potential.

Dirk Koetter has to call good plays

We need to be impressed with the way that Dirk Koetter is calling plays, and we need to be sure that he is calling progressively better plays during the season. They have had enough time in Tampa for Dirk to create an offense that is growing throughout the season to the point where his team is scoring more in effectively every game. They will not go 16-0, but they have to improve so much that we stand up and notice.

We should feel bad for the Falcons that he is not their offensive coordinator anymore, and we should wonder how much better Jameis can get.

Mike Evans

I want Mike Evans to be so good that I cannot even stand it. I have this affinity for Mike Evans that I cannot explain. He is just an exciting player that I want to see making those same circus catches I was talking about with Julio Jones.

If he is doing that in every game, the Bucs can make that extra score that they need to win the game or at least stay in it. I know they have more weapons, but I want to see Mike Evans be the man on this team. Winston to Evans should be a pairing that we talk about a lot in the future.

The defense holds

The Bucs have had a switch in how they manage their franchise because their offense is now better than their defense.

I remember a time when their. Defense was the best in the league, and it drug them to a Super Bowl title. Today is the time when they have this stellar offense, this amazing play caller, and a defense that simply has to hold off their opponents. I think that they can do it, but they will not make the playoffs. They will be very very close, but not quite.