The Tampa Bay Buccaneers stood up and took the blame for drafting Roberto Aguayo after they waived him. He was waived days ago because he was not performing for the team, and their GM Jason Licht held a press conference to say he was wrong. This is an interesting path to take because we are all aware that he screwed up. The Bucs need to move on from the overdrafting of a kicker, but Licht says that will not stop him.

Why admit this?

The drafting of Roberto Aguayo was seen as a very bad idea with no real rhyme or reason. He was drafted in the second round where he could have fallen all the way to the latest rounds in the draft, and he was given a chance at a draft level that was too high for any kicker.

Anyone with even a passing interest in football knew that this was a bad idea, but the difference may lie in what Licht said next.

He will not stop

Jason Licht has been quite clear in that he will not stop making decisions that seem to be risky. He says that the owners and the coach support him, and this could lead to a troubling trend that will leave the Bucs without weapons around Jameis Winston. Drafting Winston was a no-brained that any one of us could have done. I thought the Bucs were right to draft Winston even though he has a checkered past, but you cannot be a gunslinger GM when you have a knucklehead for a quarterback. The rape allegations at FSU were bothersome, and they showed that Winston does not possess the amount of judgement required to bring the team along.

Winston is not Tom Brady, and he needs more weapons.

You cannot bet on everyone

Teams that have made a splash with their draft picks include the Atlanta Falcons moving up to get Julio Jones, and the Rams made a move to get Jared Goff. Julio Jones was a sure thing, and Jared Goff was not. Roberto Aguayo was not a sure thing, and Jason Licht chose to waste draft picks on him.

He now claims that he will do the same thing in the future, and Bucs fans should be scared of what Licht will do in future drafts. They only have so much time with Jameis Winston as their quarterback, and throwing away seasons or time with wasted draft picks is not threw ay that this writer would want his GM to act. admitting that he wants to be bold is a brave move, but it is not a wise one.

The admittal of Jason Licht to being a brave GM would work with some teams, but being daring has not produced a dynasty in New England, and it did not produce the defenses that protected Peyton Manning. It may be time to back off just a bit in Tampa Bay.