Maybe he regrets it, maybe not but if you ask Celtics GM Danny Ainge about the isaiah thomas trade, he'll probably tell you it was the toughest call he ever had. Going back to Isaiah Thomas' article on The Player's Tribune, he remembers the all the feelings, and he was not ashamed to say "it hurt." Now, it's Ainge who is letting out the emotions after breaking the news to IT. Speaking to The Boston Globe, he said the trade was important for the franchise.

Celtics GM's statement about Isaiah Thomas

"It was the toughest call I ever had to make. It’s in everybody’s best interest that I don’t share all the reasons [for the trade].

But it’s a deep and complicated process. It’s not as simple as people think it is," he added. Further mentioning how honest Isaiah had been about the trade, it made it even more difficult for Danny Ainge to come to terms with the situation. He even acknowledged IT's genuine article on TPT wherein; the former Celtics star poured emotions.

"I feel for players. I’ve been a player. I’ve been traded, and I understand it, and I thought the writing he did was superb," Ainge said. He acted on the trade alone, and as much as he realized that IT did not want to leave Boston, Danny Ainge believes the decision to trade him will be best for the Celtics team. During the primary stage of the Kyrie Irving - Isaiah Thomas trade, the Celtics GM admitted, IT's hip injury played a role in the decision to trade.

Celtics on Kyrie Irving's talents

Meanwhile, the Celtics management headed by Ainge made some promising statement about Kyrie Irving's arrival in Boston. He believes that Irving will be a better passer under the Boston Celtics system. He further added that while Irving excelled in Cleveland, his talents were only recognized in the absence of LeBron James.

Kyrie on his part said, the reason for his transfer is purely motivational; shutting down rumors that there is bad blood between him and former teammate Lebron James.

Last week, Isaiah Thomas' wife Kayla posted on Instagram a picture of him and their son in his Cavs locker. He also posted on Instagram a video of himself doing some light shooting practice at the Cavs clinic court.

Thomas has since announced his commitment to his new team. Despite his positive view on his injury and how the doctors' findings have been promising, the Cleveland Cavaliers, on the other hand, has not released their statement about IT's injury and when can he start playing for the new season.