This past week saw plenty of interesting developments on the various WWE programs ahead of "SummerSlam 2017." Among them was Akira Tozawa with a surprise WWE Cruiserweight title win over Neville ahead of the pay-per-view, as well as a match with John Cena vs. Jinder Mahal. In that "SmackDown Live" main event this past Tuesday, Cena looked ready to capture a victory. However, his upcoming opponent Baron Corbin had other plans, involving the "Money In The Bank" briefcase. After the events that took place this past week, will it be Cena or Corbin grabbing a win Sunday?

Here's the latest WWE "SummerSlam" match preview and odds prediction for John Cena vs. Baron Corbin.

Match preview

With a victory right within his grasp against the champion on Tuesday, John Cena was suddenly attacked by "The Lone Wolf" with his "MITB" briefcase. The attack meant that nobody really won that main event match, even if it was a non-title situation. However, Corbin attempted to make a title situation for himself by handing over the briefcase to officials and requesting his title shot.

After several moments of asking Mahal if he was good to go, the bell rang. However, just 10 seconds into the new match, John Cena popped up on the apron. Corbin struck him down only to have "The Modern Day Maharaja" roll him up from behind and win the match.

With that Corbin lost his title shot and briefcase. Now he's got plenty to be upset about.

He and John Cena will meet in their first singles match on Sunday. The latest bout comes after the shocking "MITB" briefcase loss by Corbin this past week, and ahead of what looks like Cena's departure from "SmackDown Live" for "Raw." To make matters more interesting, Cena is expected to have his fiance Nikki Bella watching from the crowd, along with her sister Brie Bella.

Both of these former champions are rumored to make returns to WWE as well.

Odds to win prediction

There are various sports books that offer odds for winners in the WWE "SummerSlam" matches. Surprisingly, most of the matches on the main card have received odds and some have even received prop bets. These include who will "take the fall" in the Fatal 4-Way for the WWE Universal Championship.

There's also a bet out on whether or not Carmella cashes in her "Money in the Bank" briefcase Sunday.

As for the John Cena match, it's looking like "The Lone Wolf" could get a bounce back win. Right now, Corbin is listed as a favorite at 4 Dimes sportsbook with a price of -190 compared to +150 for Cena. It could be a way of Cena helping to put over a newer talent who will be amongst the top heels on "SmackDown Live" once Cena heads to WWE "Raw" so fans won't think Corbin is being completely buried.

WWE fans, should Baron Corbin get the win on Sunday at WWE's "SummerSlam" PPV or will it be John Cena?