On Tuesday, August 15Th, 2017, the WWE "SmackDown Live" show was held at Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. The latest episode on USA came just five days ahead of the big "SummerSlam 2017" pay-per-view event. That meant plenty of superstars would be trying to gain some momentum heading into their respective matches. Among them were John Cena and Jinder Mahal who competed one-on-one in a non-title bout. Mahal came out as the opening segment to cut his standard promo denouncing the American fans, John Cena, and his opponent for Sunday, Shinsuke Nakamura.

That brought out "The King of Strong Style" to respond. Shinsuke told him that it's independence day in India today, but in Japan it's a day they commemorate to pray for peace. Nakamura said on Sunday in America it's "SummerSlam" when Jinder will lose the title to him.

Match results

In the opening match of the night, Natalya picked up a win over Becky Lynch ahead of her championship match on Sunday against Naomi. Nattie got the victory after Becky missed a leg drop from the corner and Natalya put on the Sharpshooter to make her tap out. Naomi was on guest commentary and rushed into the ring to make a save when Natalya tried for another Sharpshooter on Becky.

Chad Gable and Rusev battled to a double count out.

Just over a minute into the match, things went to the outside with Rusev tossing Gable over the announcers' table and then ripped it apart as the ref counted to 10. Rusev put The Accolade on Gable on the announcers' table after the match was called off. Rusev picked up a mic to cut a promo but as he got into the ring Randy Orton had slipped in and hit a quick RKO to drop him.

They had an in-ring segment with AJ Styles going to the ring and calling out his title match's upcoming guest referee Shane McMahon. Shane told AJ no apology was necessary for hitting him last week. He let AJ know that if he puts his hands on him in the match Sunday, then he'll give it right back. Kevin Owens came out and talked about how he likes having Shane as the referee for the match.

He tried to offer a handshake to Shane who told Owens to shake his opponent's hand instead. Owens tried to do that, but he and AJ got in a bit of a fight. It ended up with Owens going for a move and AJ avoiding it so that Shane was hit instead.

The Usos defeated Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in a non-title match. It was announced earlier in the show that Big E and Xavier Woods will defend their tag team titles on Sunday against The Usos. Tonight, The Usos took on Woods and Kofi at their request to Daniel Bryan since they jumped them from behind last week.

In the match, Kofi went for his Trouble in Paradise move late but Jimmy got out of the way. Jey shoved Woods from off the corner area and Jimmy provided a distraction so that Jey could chop block Kofi. They hit a double superkick to get a pinfall on Kofi.

Main event

The main event featured John Cena taking on Jinder Mahal in a non-title bout. The match came ahead of their respective matches on Sunday where Cena would battle Baron Corbin and Jinder will defend his WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura.

The match lasted nearly nine minutes. At one point, Cena was able to gain control and hit several of the moves in his routine. He hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle but then the Singh Brothers yanked Mahal out of the ring.

Cena chased them a bit and as he went to get back in the ring with Mahal, the Singh Brothers held onto Cena. The referee saw them and sent them backstage. Mahal seemed worn out as Cena put him into the STF. Jinder managed to reach the ropes to break it.

John Cena tried for the AA next, but Jinder got away and delivered a big knee to Cena for a near fall. Mahal went for his finisher but Cena countered and hit the AA for another near fall. He hit another AA from the ropes but Baron Corbin rushed in to break up the pin to interrupt the match.

After the match had been thrown out, Baron Corbin smashed his Money in the Bank briefcase on Cena.

Corbin started to head back up the ramp, but then looked down at Mahal. He handed over his briefcase to cash it in for a WWE Championship match right there. The referee checked Jinder and then called for the bell. As Corbin got ready to go, John Cena was back on the apron and caused a distraction. That allowed Jinder Mahal to roll up Corbin for the big pinfall and retain his title. Post-match, Cena smiled from ear to ear as Corbin was irate over losing his MITB opportunity like that.

WWE fans, are you surprised by Corbin failing to cash in the briefcase? Were you expecting it to happen right before "SummerSlam" PPV, during the event, or after?