On Tuesday night, WWE "SmackDown Live" took place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The latest episode was the follow-up to Saturday's big "SummerSlam 2017" pay-per-view. During that event, there were a few championships that changed hands on the roster including Natalya winning the women's title and The Usos reclaiming the tag team titles. The new installment of "SmackDown" would feature plenty of fallout from the pay-per-view and a few matches based on what went down at the PPV. There were also a few surprises in terms of debuts or returns to the show.

Results & highlights

For the first match of the night, Aiden English was in the ring and started doing his singing bit. He was suddenly interrupted as the lights went out and then theme music started with a piano playing. Fans immediately recognized it was Bobby Roode's music and he appeared on stage. Rhode would get a huge reaction from the crowd and go on to defeat English via pinfall after hitting a Glorious DDT for the win.

After that match, fans saw a WWE superstar from the past make his return to "SmackDown." Backstage, Daniel Bryan spoke with Chad Gable and apologized for Gable losing his tag team partner Jason Jordan to "Raw." However, Bryan said he was able to sign one of Kurt Angle's friends in exchange for "Raw" getting Jordan.

He introduced him to former Intercontinental and tag champion Shelton Benjamin and said he thinks they'd make a great tag team together.

The Usos defeated The Hype Brothers in a non-title match via pinfall. The match went over four minutes. Towards the end of the bout, Mojo hit Jimmy on the outside while Zack Ryder went and kicked Jey.

Ryder put Jimmy back in the ring and tried for a top rope move. Jey distracted Ryder, allowing Jimmy to yank Zack down and Superkick him for the win.

In a match booked earlier in the show, Shinsuke Nakamura got to face The Singh Brothers in a Tornado Handicap Match. Shinsuke got the win after hitting a move off the second rope and putting a submission hold on one of the Singh Brothers.

Post-match, Jinder Mahal attacked Nakamura, but Shinsuke recovered and put Mahal down with Kinshasha.

Naomi and Becky Lynch teamed up to take on the new women's champion Natalya and "Ms. Money in the Bank" Carmella. The team of Naomi and Becky got the win after Becky hit an exploder suplex on Carmella and then Naomi hit a split legged moon-sault on her for the pin.

There was a backstage segment with Dolph Ziggler. He said he learned what it takes to be a big star in WWE and all he needs is a big spotlight, a fancy robe, and a beautiful woman that glows in the dark. He said he'd have it all, next week.

The main event

Earlier in the night, kevin owens complained about the "unfair" referee situation in his United States title match against AJ Styles at "SummerSlam." That led to Shane McMahon granting Kevin Owens one final shot at AJ Styles and the United States title.

In addition, Owens was allowed to choose the referee for tonight's match. Throughout the "SmackDown" show, Owens would try to lobby for various superstars to be his referee.

When the main event match arrived, "The Lone Wolf" Baron Corbin was Owens' special guest referee. AJ Styles let Corbin know that he could answer his "US Open Challenge" if Styles was the winner, and Owens told Corbin he'd give him first shot at the title if he was the winner.

During the match, things got heated as AJ Styles had the Calf Crusher locked in on Owens. Apparently, Owens hand touched the ropes but didn't grab it. Styles tried to reapply the hold, but Corbin rushed over and pulled Styles away saying he had to break it.

He and Styles argued about it for several moments. Corbin shoved Styles telling him "I'm the ref." Owens tried for a few quick roll-up pinfalls, but Styles escaped them.

Eventually, Shane McMahon came to ringside and yelled at Corbin. As they were arguing, Owens hit a low blow on Styles. Corbin turned around to count a pinfall for Owens, but Shane yanked him out before the three count. Corbin and Styles argued on the outside, with Corbin eventually tossing the referee shirt at Shane McMahon. Shane would get back in the match as the new referee, with Styles able to capitalize and hit a winning pinfall on Owens.

As the show ended, Kevin Owens slowly walked up the ramp. Styles celebrated with the US title belt in the ring. Owens stared down towards the ring at Shane and Styles as WWE "SmackDown" went off the air.