The landscape of the WWE drastically changed as of the early portion of Sunday night's "SummerSlam 2017" pay-per-view. Two championships changed hands on just the special "Kickoff Show," while a third changed hands within the first hour of the main pay-per-view event. With even more title matches scheduled for the card, here's what went down with the early championship bouts at WWE "SummerSlam."

Cruiserweight title

Just this past week, fans saw a shocking title change as Akira Tozawa defeated Neville for the Wwe Cruiserweight Title. It brought the longest Cruiserweight title reign so far to a close for Neville.

Less than a week later, Tozawa had to defend the title as Neville received his rematch at WWE "SummerSlam."

In tonight's pre-show match, Akira Tozawa had a submission hold locked in late. Neville was able to break free, but the champ hit a shining wizard for the near fall. Moments later, Tozawa went for a move off the top rope but Neville avoided it. Neville came back to hit the Red Arrow for the pinfall to reclaim his WWE Cruiserweight title.

Tag team titles

The WWE "SmackDown Live" Tag Team Championships were on the line as The New Day defended the titles against The Usos on the "Kickoff Show." Big E and Xavier Woods represented New Day in the match with Kofi Kingston at ringside.

There were plenty of convincing near falls which led to an exciting exchange in this matchup which seemed like it should've been on the main show.

Late in the bout, Big E speared Jimmy through the ring ropes. Jimmy was able to make a blind tag. The Usos ended up hitting a barrage of super kicks on E and then hit double splashes from the top rope area for the win to reclaim their tag team titles.

Women's title

In just the second match on the main "SummerSlam" match card, Natalya took on Naomi for the WWE "SmackDown Live" Women's Championship.

Ahead of the match, it was teased that Carmella and James Ellsworth were watching the match from backstage with Carmella keeping the "MITB" briefcase nearby.

In the title match, Natalya was able to put on the Sharpshooter towards the close. The champion rolled forward, causing Nattie to hit headfirst into the corner area. Moments later, Naomi went for her split-legged moonsault but Natalya avoided it and then put the Sharpshooter on for good to make the champ tap out.

Those were just three title changes which came for the WWE "SummerSlam 2017" PPV. There were still more championships to be defended on the main show including the "Raw" tag team titles, the United States Championship, the WWE Championship, and the WWE Universal Championship.