The Buffalo Bills have been in plenty of headlines in recent weeks, and most of it isn't good news. To the disappointment of many Bills fans, general manager Brandon Beane decided to part ways with both cornerback Ronald Darby and star wide receiver Sammy Watkins. For many, this looked like the initial step in a full rebuild. It probably looked that way to Anquan Boldin too, who decided to retire just 10 days after he signed his contract. Now the Onion has decided to satirize the situation of Bills fans.

Onion Article.

Shortly after Anquan Boldin's retirement, plenty of fans were making fun of the Bills organization on Twitter.

On August 22nd, the Onion decided to join in on the fun and posted an article titled "Diehard 8-Year-Old Buffalo Bills Fan Showing Early Signs of Masochism." I had plenty of friends sending the article to me as I am a diehard Bills fan, and I definitely can't deny that the article is hilarious. A recap of the article's main points is posted below.


The article immediately begins with the eight-year-old's parents finding out that their son is a masochist, who had decided to endure the pain of watching every Buffalo Bills preseason game in its entirety. Perhaps worst of all, according to the Onion, the young boy decided to purchase a Tyrod Taylor poster to hang in his bedroom. Now we don't know if Taylor will go the way of so many other Bills quarterbacks in the past (E.J.

Manuel, Trent Edwards, Kelly Holcomb, Ryan Fitzpatrick), but it certainly doesn't look like the Bills are overly committed to Tyrod right now.

The article further goes on to ridicule the eight year old for watching Buffalo blow leads late in the game last season on tape. Despite the constant reminder that the Bills blew late leads last season, the young boy was convinced that this year would be the one when Buffalo finally made the playoffs, in spite of evidence to the contrary.

The article closes by blaming the young boy's Buffalo Bills fandom on his father, which is the same situation I am in as a fan. If you want to read the full article on the Onion (highly recommend), search for "Diehard eight-year-old showing early signs of masochism on Facebook

Masochistic or Diehard?

I haven't enjoyed watching my team miss the playoffs for the past seventeen seasons, but I can't deny that I haven't experienced these symptoms.

I definitely got a Mario Williams jersey, Paul Posluszny jersey, and Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey at different points throughout my fandom. All of those players are gone now, but I still hold out hope that one year the Bills will finally reward my eternal optimism. Maybe? Please? All I'm asking for is one playoff appearance. For now, all we can do is laugh at articles like these.