SmackDown commissioner Shane Mcmahon has had his share of matches, normally during big pay-per-views. The last WWE star he went up against was current United States champion AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 33 and the 46-year-old has had his share of surprise matches. Could one be in the works?

Ironically, things got heated between Shane-O-Mac and Kevin Owenson the Aug. 29 edition of SmackDown. Owens appeared in the match between Sami Zayn and Aiden English, ranting he got the raw end of his U.S. title match last week. Shane came out to try and put a stop to it but the prized fighter ended up staying at ringside.

With Owens still around, one could sense something untoward to happen. The Canadian eventually got involved, assuming the role of referee and making sure that English got the win over Zayn. McMahon came out to nullify the outcome, saying that it would not be an official win for The Drama King.

When will the match be booked?

Looking at the past fights that Shane-O-Mac was involved in, the easy bet would be Wrestlemania 34. The only problem with that is that this event is months away. Does the WWE creative team really need that much of an allowance to get it done?

One upcoming pay-per-view is WWE No Mercy which happens on Sept. 24. McMahon did see action at WWE Survivor Series though it was more of team competition.

If things continue to get heated, a Shane McMahon vs kevin owens match may happen next month at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Prolonging the agony

If that proves to be too soon, the creative team could build on the storyline. This means other wrestlers may be thrown into the mix. Seeing how Owens stuck his nose in Zayn’s business, the two may end up brawling once again.

If not, Owens could get his wish at another shot at Styles’ U.S title. That could happen as early as No Mercy where KO may eventually lose again. From there, the prized fighter will pin the blame on McMahon once more, meaning the creative team needs to come up with something to delay the potential match until Apr. 8, 2018.

Owens could end up getting involved in other matches, causing mayhem on SmackDown.

This has been done before by stars like Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar. A prime target would be Styles, one that may involve lots of physicalities that may render the Phenomenal One grounded.

There are plenty of possibilities and the climax is likely to happen at a pay-per-view near Wrestlemania 34. That could go down on or after SummerSlam 2017, the event where most matches for the major WWE spectacle are normally booked.