It's a tough situation for any superstars to walk to the biggest party of the summer at WWE's "SummerSlam" and defend his or her championship with Shane Mcmahon as the Special Guest Referee. AJ Styles recently had a very physical match with kevin owens at SummerSlam. The personal dynamics of their relationship were also very high, and the United States Championship match at "SummerSlam" proved to be one hell of a match.

AJ's past rivalry with Shane at Wrestlemania

AJ Styles was very nervous for this match as he has never been in a bout where Shane McMahon was the special guest referee.

Keeping in mind that recently at WrestleMania 33, he had a very intense rivalry with McMahon as they both had a memorable match. Because AJ Styles successfully defeated Shane at Wrestlemania, he was worried that McMahon might not work as an unbiased referee, so he had not one but two people to worry about- first was Kevin Owens and the second was Shane McMahon.

On the other hand, Shane McMahon said that he was going to do what was best for the WWE Universe. He promised that as long as nobody put their hands on him, he won't react physically. Thanks to this, AJ Styles was successfully able to defeat Kevin Owens at "SummerSlam" with Shane working as an unbiased referee.

AJ Styles kicked off this week's episode of "SmackDown Live" and made a U.S.

Open challenge for whoever is interested in fighting for the title. Kevin Owens again answered the challenge and complained about the unfair results from "SummerSlam" due to Shane McMahon being the referee. Owens came to the ring continuously whining and complaining about the loss.

AJ Styles was frustrated and gave Owens another title shot on the show that night, but this was not enough for Owens.

KO had an interesting demand for this match regarding the referee. He asked for a special guest referee and permission to choose one. He started searching for a proper ref for the contest and finally picked Baron Corbin, who agreed to be a special guest referee for the main event for the United States championship.

Shane interrupted the main event

Looking at the unfair advantage by Baron Corbin and Kevin Owens in the United States Championship match, Shane came down to the ring and stopped Corbin from making a three count. Corbin left the match after that and Shane became the referee, giving a justified conclusion to the bout. AJ Styles successfully pinned Kevin Owens, and due to the stipulations, this was Owen's final shot for the US Championship as Shane told him at the beginning of the show.