Seattle Mariners rumors indicate time is running out on this team. The Mariners lost again on Tuesday night (Aug. 29), falling to the Baltimore Orioles in an ugly showing by the offense. It was the fourth-straight loss for the Mariners and pushed the team a bit further down in the American League Wild Card standings. Time is definitely running out to make a move.

The 4-0 loss to the Orioles was just ugly and that might be sugar coating it for the Mariners. In a game that the team really needed to win, the offense mustered only one hit, as starting pitcher Dylan Bundy spun a masterpiece for the home team.

If not for a fourth-inning bunt single by Kyle Seager, the Mariners could have ended up being no-hit on the night.

Where do the Mariners stand in the Wild Card race?

While there are plenty of negative Seattle Mariners rumors to go around, all hope is not yet lost for the 2017 MLB season. Entering play on Wednesday afternoon (Aug. 30), the Mariners are three games back in the Wild Card race. The New York Yankees (70-60) and Minnesota Twins (68-63) currently hold the two AL Wild Card slots but haven’t been playing great baseball lately. That keeps the door open for the Los Angeles Angels (68-65), Baltimore Orioles (67-65), Seattle Mariners (66-67), and Kansas City Royals (65-66).

It seems like almost every week the Mariners are playing against another team trying to move up the Wild Card standings.

The unfortunate result of that, though, is that the Mariners have helped the Yankees, Angels, Orioles, and Royals get closer to making the postseason. The Mariners had been ahead of the Orioles before they came to town, but now trail by one-and-a-half games heading into Game 3 of the road series.

Are the Mariners a realistic threat to make the MLB Playoffs?

When the Seattle Mariners won the first game of their weekend series against the New York Yankees, it really looked like the team was ready to turn a corner. The Mariners were making a real move in the Wild Card standings at that point and it looked like they could even threaten the Yankees for a postseason spot.

The team then lost two games to finish out that series and the first two games of the Baltimore series as well.

Local area sports fans are already shifting their attention over to the Seattle Seahawks as Russell Wilson has the team undefeated in the preseason. For the Mariners to make sure that baseball is an important part of the region in mid-October, the team really needs to go on a winning streak. They have just 29 games left in the regular season to make up that three-game deficit on the Minnesota Twins. It’s not impossible, but if the team doesn’t start combining good offense with good pitching, the next Seattle Mariners rumors will be about where the players will be vacationing this fall.