The trade deadline is getting near, making most of the NBA teams search for the best deals as much as possible. However, The Los Angeles Lakers seem to be the winner of this year's offseason, as they got filled with young and talented players. It is also believed that the Lakers can still improve its roster and might actually create a superteam. Basketball fans also felt that the Lakers should get at least one superstar caliber player, which will be a good combination for Lonzo Ball, which is the team's current playmaker. Here are the Top 3 deals that the Lakers should get before the trade deadline, which will be on February 8, 2017.

Letting go of Jordan Clarkson to sign superstars

Jordan Clarkson is known to be an elite player for the Lakers. However, Clarkson's salary is expected to increase as he keeps on improving in the past few years. Due to this, the Los Angeles Lakers should trade him for other veteran players, which will help Lonzo Ball and the whole team.

The first player on the list is trading for Kemba Walker. However, Lakers still needs to offer more in order to get Walker. Fans are also expecting that the team will remove Luol Deng together with Clarkson in the future to sign two possible superstars, which is very attractive to the Lakers franchise.

Get a better center

Lakers fans are expecting that the team will search for better centers before the trade deadline, as their current center, Brook Lopez, might still need some help in rebounding and posting.

There are a lot of centers that can sign for the Lakers before the trade deadline. First is trying to get Anthony Davis, which is one of the best centers in the game. However, Davis still needs to finish his 4-year contract with the Pelicans. Due to this, Lakers should trade multiple players for the high-flying center.

Prepare for LeBron James

The hype for LeBron James' entry for the Lakers isn't stopping. Due to this, the Los Angeles Lakers should prepare for their best offer for James once he decided to leave the Cavaliers. Chasing Paul George is also a good option for the team, though it may not seem to happen anytime soon.

The only closest superstar that they might get in the future is James.

Due to this, the team should let go of some of their players to earn the perfect salary for James. Lonzo Ball is also interested in playing with James. It is also rumored that James got frustrated with the Cavaliers, making him uninterested in playing with the team next year.