The Montreal Olympic Stadium will be temporarily closed for a while.More than four thousand three hundred individuals crossed the border into Canada, seeking status as refugees since January. Most of the people crossed the border and entered the Province Of Quebec.

The deluge f people strained the government as well as the resources of the community. Lots of those people were previously denied asylum in the United States of America and now they are hoping to get a second chance to move into the country from the other side of the border. A request was received by the stadium last Friday to get some space.

The asylum seekers have begun moving into the building which is one of the most famous landmarks of Montreal. The move began this Wednesday morning to accommodate some of the 3,300 people who crossed into Quebec between 1 January and 30 June. According to the BBC, "Francine Dupuis, of Praida, a provincial programme for the reception and integration of asylum seekers," said another "1,200 people crossed into the province in July, about 90% of them from Haiti."

Migrants from U.S. seeking refugee status in Canada:

Francine's Praida program is run for the reception as well as the integration of asylum seekers. This provincial program told the news channel they are worried as the number of people is not leveling off.

She stated that the province had experienced many waves of individuals who wanted to seek refugee status at an earlier time. She said that the Syrians had been crossing most recently during the spring season.

However, the number of people in the last month was apparently unprecedented. She also said that most of the time it’s just that the movement across borders comes and then goes and then it becomes stable at a very fast pace.

However, what is happening now is that the stream of refugees does not seem to be stabilizing.

Services provided by Praida:

Presently, the agencies that are responsible for the migrants’ welfare in the province of Quebec are scrambling to look for beds and many other resources for the refugees. Praida has taken the responsibility of taking care of the housing of the refugees and other types of immediate requirements of the claimants.

The organization provides this care for a time period of two weeks after their arrival in the province. After that, they continue offering them physical health, mental health, and other services for a couple of months.