Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson believes the franchise has finally regained its status as a top free agency destination with Paul George’s desire to wear the purple and gold uniform next year a concrete of example. But Magic is far from done. After picking up Lonzo Ball with the no. 2 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, he is planning to add more pieces to his grand rebuilding plan.

The Lakers’ grand rebuilding plan

After spending the last four years in the cellar of the NBA standings, the Lakers are poised to make some noise this season with the addition of Ball and Brook Lopez via trade with the Brooklyn Nets.

Magic’s rebuilding plan is far from complete, but it’s evident that this year’s roster is geared toward making a strong push for the playoffs.

The future of the organization is even brighter, especially after unloading the Timofey Mozgov deal. Although Magic and his team had to leverage the value of former no. 2 pick D’Angelo Russell to pull off that salary dump, the Lakers’ front office is confident that Ball will fill that vacancy. In the end, the Lakers are expected to have $60 million in cap room to spend next summer – which is enough to sign two max-level players.

The stars are aligning

Magic stressed that he would not have made the Russell trade if he was not confident in the franchise’s drawing power.

The Lakers executive thinks that the NBA’s marquee franchise has lived up to its status once again after four miserable summers of free agency.

"The tide has turned. People want to play here again. It's exciting times for the LA Lakers. I wouldn't have made that move if I didn't think I could use that money. Enough said," Johnson stressed in Friday’s press conference via NBA.com, where he introduced Ball as the latest member of the Lakers.

According to multiple NBA insiders, the Lakers are not just setting their sights on no.1 free agency targets Paul George and LeBron James (if he leaves Cleveland again). All-Star players like DeMarcus Cousins, Russell Westbrook, and many more are also on the Lakers’ wish-list for next summer.

The Lakers’ intention is obvious.

Magic and Rob Pelinka are trying to create a team that can compete with the Golden State Warriors for the next 3-4 years. Although Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson are still in their prime, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine the Lakers becoming a real threat to their dynasty aspirations, especially if everything goes according to plan.