Five-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady celebrated his 40th birthday today. Brady is entering his 17th season in the NFL and led the Patriots to another Super Bowl win this past season in comeback fashion. Although he will be celebrating his bday today, he got his day started by being the first New England player to show up at training camp. Tom, as usual, is looking forward to winning another title this season.

Brady's age doesn't seem to be slowing him down at all as he has not missed a game due to injury since the 2008 season. However, just a few months ago, in an interview with "Good Morning America," his wife Gisele stated that her husband was a victim of frequent concussions.

Despite her statements, both he and the NFL have not reported the alleged head injuries at all but Brady did not deny it either.

Tom has been considered by most, the G.O.A.T. of the NFL. So, in honor of his status, the Patriots organization is offering fans a G.O.A.T. photo opportunity at training camp. The photo will include a sign and a live baby goat as well attached to it. Looks like the team will allow the future Hall of Famer to spend some of his time interacting with his beloved fans and teammates to celebrate his day.

Brady's career numbers and milestones

Brady's numbers are off the charts for his career and he has enough rings to fill an entire hand.

He's had many epic head-to-head battles with another future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and has come out on top in most of those matchups. In his seven Super Bowl appearances, Tom has broken pretty much every QB record there is to name. He also holds most of those records for the entire post-season as well.

For his career, Brady has passed for 61,582 yards and 456 touchdowns.

He's a two-time NFL MVP and has one of the highest passer ratings of all-time at 97.2. Age did not make his numbers any worse this past season either when he threw for 28 TDs and just 2 INTs. There are still some all-time records at the QB position that Brady has yet to break. If he can stick around just a little while longer, his numbers will make it hard for anyone to speculate whether or not he is the greatest QB to ever bless the sport.

2017-18 season expectations

The Patriots are entering the season the way Tom Brady love it as the defending champs. Last season, they proved they were better than the rest of the league by defeating a very explosive Atlanta Falcons offense in the Super Bowl. Every year from here could possibly be the last for Brady. So, expect New England to enjoy another post-season bid this season.