Tom Brady attributes his career success with the New England Patriots to a weirdly restrictive diet. But his wife is the boot behind his health kick. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen follows a celebrity diet currently in vogue that combines the usual vegetarian dietary regime with the elimination of selected foods. Besides weight loss, she claims many health benefits. Ironically, the Super Bowl champion's diet excludes pretty much everything on the famous halftime appetizer menu. As fans nosh on wings, brats, burgers and BBQ, Brady's plate is plant-based.

He does occasionally cheat with meat but it's very lean and makes up only 20 percent of his food intake. Fans who would like to emulate their football hero should cut out processed and red meat. Inspired by Gisele Bundchen, Brady has developed his vegetarian diet into a meal subscription box: look for the "TB12" meal kit at vegan vendor, Purple Carrot.

What's off the TB12 diet?

As with most weight loss diets, there's less you can eat and more you can't. Along with red meat and processed foods, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady avoid caffeine, refined flour and sugar, nightshades, mushrooms and fungi, MSG and even strawberries. The "no white foods" diet has found favor to treat obesity and more. Reality television surgeon Dr.

Younan Nowzaradan of "My 600-lb Life" has bariatric surgery patients eliminate white flour, sugar, potatoes, rice and pasta, as cutting refined starch after gastric bypass surgery helps prevent bloating and inflammation. With an 80-percent smaller stomach, patients need to eat efficiently, increasing protein and decreasing carbs.

The Brazilian supermodel has reportedly said that with their no-white food, no-caffeine diet, Tom Brady feels better, has more energy and is less achy. MSG and sugar are highly glycemic and cause swelling and pressure in joints and muscles. Red meat doesn't digest well and creates bloating, cramps and converts to stored fat (adipose tissue) around the organs.

Cutting fungi is the arguable part of the diet. Some mushrooms have antioxidant properties that can't be found elsewhere, also providing vitamin D and working well as a meat alternative.

Nightshades and joint pain

Eliminating nightshades might be the biggest reason New England Patriots player is feeling better. Nightshades include tubers (sweet and white potatoes), tomatoes, peppers (hot and sweet), paprika and eggplant. These have poisonous relatives, cause arthritis flareups and are linked to autoimmune diseases. Nightshades contain vitamin D3 which creates harmful calcium deposits. The paleo diet nixes nightshades to control joint pain. Celebrity weight loss guru Dr. Oz actually developed a green drink to detox from nightshades.