Many recognize Mike Fisher as Carrie Underwoods husband, but as sports fans we all know him as the captain of the Nashville Predators. The Nashville predators have definitely made a name for themselves as a team that did very well in the playoffs this past season. Mike Fisher should definitely be proud to retire as a Predator. It's never easy to retire from your career which is also your passion. But when it comes to a certain point and time you know when to hang up your jersey and skates.

Mike Fisher

Fisher finishes his NHL career with 276 goals and 585 points in 1,088 games, according to Sportsnet.

Mike Fisher's impact will be felt in Nashville for years to come. Now Fisher can enjoy his retirement with his wife. He and Carrie will definitely be in Nashville's heart and mind as a new season commences.

Predators fans are surely thinking in their heads...Congrats Mike Fisher on a terrific career. He played the game with class and integrity and was one of the true pros to come through Ottawa. He will be highlighted as one of the classiest guys to play on the Ottawa Senators. In terms of his character, he is the opposite of Pete Rose.

Major respect to Mike Fisher, as sports athletes that show and play with respect, will always be remembered. Just like Derek Jeter the former New York Yankee.

So now what?

Nashville believes it has situated its center depth to make up for Fisher.

The Predators’ most crucial free-agent pick up was center Nick Bonino, who signed a four-year, $16.4 million contract on July 1st, 2017. Bonino’s multi-dimensional playing technique is comparable of Fisher’s. The 29-year-old is presumed to commence as Nashville's second-line center when the new season begins. Fisher knows that hockey was a big part of his life, but he knows at the end of the day that it is a game and that it isn't the only thing that makes up his life.

Mike can now look back on the memories and games he has played in.

Hockey has obviously been something that will leave a mark and imprint on his life, but he can now enjoy life outside of hockey. Hockey can be draining, intense (mentally and physically), stressful, tiring, and injury-prone. This is why hockey players make so much money. They literally sacrifice their body to win games. That is why when you reach a certain age, you know how much your body can take and that is when you have to call it quits. There are many players who have played past the age of 37, as they want to play as much as they can before they retire.