The Buffalo Bills signed veteran wide receiver Anquan Boldin on Monday morning, to a one-year deal. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the deal is worth $2.75 million and could add $1.25 in incentives. Last season, Boldin was a member of the Detroit Lions. In his only season with the team, it would be his worst of his career statistically. So, it appears the Bills are looking for Boldin to benefit the team more with his experience, as opposed to dominating like he did in his younger days.

The Bills finished 3rd in the Afc East division last year with a record of 7-9.

They also missed the playoffs for the 17th consecutive season. However, they have posted more than seven wins over the last three

seasons. One of the areas they lack going into this season is at the wide receiver position. Sammy Watkins continues to perform at a decent level, but besides him, their depth chart consists of a bunch of inexperienced receivers. So, Boldin may have landed in a spot that allows him to have more touches than expected at this point in his career.

Bringing winning to Buffalo

Anquan Boldin has been no stranger to winning throughout his 15-year career.

He's competed in two Super Bowls and was able to win one with the Baltimore Ravens. Those credentials have been something the Buffalo franchise has not been used to on their 17-year postseason drought. The Bills have gotten younger over the last few seasons but have failed to attract any big name players that can come over and help establish a winning culture.

Prior to the arrival of Anquan, LeSean McCoy was really the only reliable player with experience on the offense. As a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, McCoy's team lost the Boldin's when he was a member of the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC championship in 2009. So, both players know the feeling of playing in the postseason and together their experience can motivate some of the younger assets to elevate their games.

You can only imagine that Boldin will immediately gain the attention of starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Since the Bills are short on talent at the wideout position, Taylor will rely heavily on the guy he knows for sure can put up big numbers. Boldin finished last season pulling in 67 catches for 584 yards and 8 TDs. For his career, he's hauled 13,779 total receiving yards and 82 TDs. If Buffalo can use him wisely, they may just end a dry spell they desperately want to forget about.

Possibilities of making the playoffs

The AFC East saw two of its' teams make it into the playoffs last season.

The eventual Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. However, the Dolphins just received a blow to their season when starting QB Ryan Tannehill went down to injury. He will most likely be out for the season and the team has already gone on to sign veteran QB Jay Cutler for the year. Now, more than ever, the Bills have a much better shot at moving up a spot in the rankings and propelling themselves into a possible playoff contender.