For the past two months, the Buffalo Bills’ big question has been: Will the Bills administration keep Tyrod Taylor? Buffalo answered that question today with “yes.” The team has decided to restructure his contract and keep him as their starter. Here is what Taylor can do to show the team’s fans that he deserves to be that guy.

Taylor and Charles Clay did not have the chemistry that they needed last season. Part of the reason is that Taylor missed him being open a few times. Clay can also take some blame. He dropped some passes and only scored 4 touchdowns last year.

This duo will need to step it up to have an edge on making it to the playoffs. Some offseason work can recapture their 2015 chemistry.

Replace Goodwin’s speed

Pro Football Talk just announced that Bills wide receiver Marquise Goodwin has signed with the San Francisco 49ers. While Goodwin only scored 3 touchdowns for Buffalo, his speed was an asset for Taylor’s deep passes. The two made opposing defenses pay a few times. A former Olympian, Goodwin’s speed is good for any team. Hopefully, Taylor can get a more consistent chemistry with Sammy Watkins. Watkins’ injuries and missed games have made it tough for Taylor. More consistent play from Watkins can make the Taylor-Watkins connections a nightmare for the AFC East.

Wait for an open Robert Woods

The one guy who has been consistent for Taylor is Robert Woods. When Taylor has run into trouble and has been running for his life, Woods has been the guy to pull in the clutch plays. Whether it’s a sideline snag or the middle of the field play, Woods has made himself a great go to guy for Tyrod.

The wide receiver’s 162- yard game against the Seattle Seahawks this past year highlighted his talent. If Buffalo can re-sign Woods, Buffalo’s semi-rebuilding process under new coach Sean McDermott will be much easier.

Make mid-range throws

Taylor has shown he can make the deep throws. He has demonstrated that he can check the ball down to LeSean McCoy.

However, those mid-range 15-20 yard throws are what he struggles with at times. If he can improve on those passes, he will establish himself as the franchise quarterback.

Step it up with Justin Hunter

Taylor connected with wide receiver Justin Hunter in the end zone 4 times. While that may not sound that impressive, Hunter only caught 10 passes for Buffalo. At 6 ft. 4, Hunter is the tall wide receiver that the Bills need. The Bills signed Hunter in October. Building on the Hunter-Taylor routes would give Buffalo another offensive threat.

Congratulations, Tyrod Taylor. Maybe this will be the year that Buffalo breaks their playoff curse.