The Buffalo Bills have no shortage of talent on both sides of the ball, so it's no surprise to see Lesean Mccoy land in the NFL's top 100 list once again. Prior to last season, McCoy ranked 69th among all NFL players. In 2017, McCoy had one of his best years ever, which improved his ranking significantly.

McCoy's 2017 Season.

Any Bills fan can tell you that LeSean was by far the best player on the team last year. His cuts and shifty movements allowed him to gain more yardage than any normal running back would be capable of. He finished the season with 1,267 rushing yards and a whopping 13 rushing touchdowns.

Some of his more impressive runs in the 2016-2017 season are included in the video below.

But running the ball isn't the only thing McCoy does. The dual threat capability also caught some passes, and ended the 2016-2017 season with 50 receptions for 356 receiving yards and a touchdown. That makes McCoy even more dangerous and his NFL peers agree with that assessment.

LeSean McCoy Ranked 27th in NFL Top 100.

Because of his abilities, other players in the NFL decided to rank McCoy very highly. And it's not hard to see why. Even the best players in the league have probably been burned by LeSean at some point in their career. And last season was one of his best years ever! But which players were ranked more highly than him?

Here's a short list of the ones that have been revealed so far.

  • Travis Kelce
  • Joe Thomas
  • Russell Wilson
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Ben Roethlisberger
  • Richard Sherman

That's elite company! With the exception of Travis Kelce, I'm not surprised by any of the names on this short list. There are still 19 players who have not yet been revealed, and it's unlikely that any of them will be Buffalo Bills.

That makes McCoy the highest ranking player on the Bills roster, and he definitely deserves it after last season.

Other Bills Players in the Top 100.

LeSean McCoy wasn't the only player on the roster to make the list. Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, who signed a one year deal with the team, had an outstanding year and snagged the #91 spot on the list.

He had a whopping 12.5 sacks in the 2016-2017 season, validating the free agency signing.

But Alexander is the only other Bill who was ranked on the list. That's pretty surprising, given the fact that linebacker Zach Brown was a Pro Bowler and led the league in tackles for the first half of the season. But it is Buffalo, so it's not hard to believe that these athletes aren't getting the credit they deserve. At least McCoy landed in the top 30!